In the Pacific ocean were burning Russian ship with hundreds of people on Board: video of the incident hit the net

В Тихом океане горело российское судно с сотнями людей на борту: видео происшествия попало в сеть

In the Pacific ocean 40 kilometers from the island of Iturup, a fire occurred on the Russian ship “Peter Sitnikov”. On the ship this time was 419 people.

According to Russian media, in the area of emergency sent three lifeboats to evacuate the crew.

Later there was a message with a link to the company “dalmoreprodukt”, which belongs to the mother ship that the fire is extinguished.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was the ignition of the container in the compartment promorozhennye, resulting in a burned cable leading to the radio room.

Threats to remaining onboard crew members no. Evacuation of the crew of the mother ship “Peter Sitnikov” completed. There were no injuries.

The owner said that the part of the mother ship — bow-add-in — are disconnected, but the light is the power on the ship works.

Video of fire posted NEWSBOX24.TV.

sank off the coast of Mauritania. Then the fire started in the engine room and quickly spread to the deck. From-for strong smoke, the captain gave the command to abandon ship, people were evacuated by another trawler.

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