In the PFC explained the procedure for the registration of the contract for purchase of service

Ukrainians can buy the required number of years to get a pension. The question is particularly relevant for those who chose informal employment of Ukrainian migrant workers going abroad and other categories of people who lack the “several years” before retirement.

В ПФУ объяснили порядок оформления договора для покупки стажа

This was stated by the head of Department to ensure filling of the budget No. 1 of the Main Department of the Pension Fund in Ivano-Frankivsk region Olga Smereczynska in the commentary Version, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

Work experience or insurance experience?

Representative PFC napomnil that from 1 January 2004, Ukraine has no job, and have insurance experience. In order to assign the pension a person needs certain conditions. In particular, the achievement of the appropriate age, which is in accordance with the legislation gives the right to pensions and the availability of work experience. This takes into account how labor (up to 01.01.2004), and insurance (after 01.01.2004) experience.

Insurance period — a period during which the person is subject to compulsory state pension insurance and for which the monthly paid fees in the amount of not less than the minimum premium.

Who can buy insurance experience?

So, article 10 of the law of Ukraine 2464-YI 08.07.2010 provides a list of persons entitled to voluntary insurance payments by kinds of obligatory state social insurance. These are the persons:

  • not employed,
  • which are not in the employment Center on the account,
  • at the age of 16 years.

Buy experience can the employees who work in those States with which Ukraine has concluded the relevant agreements and carry out there assignments. When the Ukrainians working abroad illegally, he has the opportunity to enter into a contract through the Consulate, or to come Home here, to conclude entrust yourself or do it through an agent.

To need for the contract?

For this, a person must apply to the territorial bodies of the SFS in the area. The term of the contract shall not be less than one year. At the time of conclusion of the contract is not taken into account the minimum wage and the tariff in force at the moment.

“For example, she wants to enter into a contract for dobrovolnoe participation one year in advance. The calculation of the amount of insurance premiums to be the following: the minimum wage 4723 UAH. multiply by 22% and received an amount of $ 1039 UAH. These funds, the person shall pay monthly during the year. If a person wants to purchase experience for the last time, when not working, the amount (1039 UAH). Must be multiplied by two, the result is the number you want to pay per month. Therefore, this amount is multiplied by the number of months you want to buy”, — says Olga Smereczynska.