In the popular condiment found dangerous lead

American scientists from Stanford University have found that turmeric, which is part of the popular seasonings may contain lead, having a neurotoxic effect.

В популярной приправе нашли опасный свинец

In fact, experts say that turmeric is in the processing of dye added lead chromate to impart a bright yellow color. This is done since 1980-ies, when floods affected the crops, obescity tissue.

The researchers found out the reasons of falling of heavy metal in the blood of the people of Bangladesh from the ratio of lead isotopes. It turned out that the most likely source is turmeric.

Lead in adults increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in adults and children leads to impaired development of the Central nervous system. Scientists emphasize that there is no safe limit of the content of heavy metals in the body.

About 90 percent of children with elevated levels of heavy metals in the blood are raised in countries with a low standard of living.

The historical homeland of turmeric – South-East India. The root of this plant is the main component of curry, which not only gives the dish not only recognizable taste and aroma, but also nice yellow color. Initially people started to use it as a substitute for expensive saffron.