In the popular resort hotel with hundreds of tourists were isolated from coronavirus

Hundreds of guests in Tenerife, including at least two Russians, were under lock and key after one of the guests, an Italian physician, identified coronavirus, BBC reports.

На популярном курорте отель с сотнями туристов изолировали из-за коронавируса

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The doctor came to stay from the Lombardy region, where an outbreak of the coronavirus.

The total number of infected by this virus in the world exceeded 80 thousand people, most of cases registered in China.

On Monday, the who warned of the need for more thorough global preparation for a possible pandemic. Although the number of deaths reportedly does not exceed 1-2%, doctors believe that this level of mortality is not yet known.

Meanwhile, the outbreak of coronavirus continues to have an impact on the world economy: following the London and new York the fall of the stock raised on the Japanese exchanges.

What happened in Tenerife?

As writes the Spanish newspaper El Pais, citing police sources, the medical service of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, ordered a survey of all guests of the hotel H10 Costa Adeje Palace, located in the southwestern part of the island.

One of the guests posted on Facebook a photograph of the note, which he 25 Feb slipped under the room door.

“It is with great regret to inform you that for medical reasons the hotel closed, — said in a note. — You must remain in rooms until further order of the medical authorities.”

Spanish media reported that over the observance of this order monitored security services that do not allow guests to leave the hotel.

Later one of the guests said Bi-bi-si that guests are allowed to move inside the hotel.

“We see from the window of the security personnel and 50 staff gathered in front of the entrance,” he told Reuters another hiker, Christopher Betts.

According to him, with nothing misleading and no medical checks have not yet been done.

Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in the Canary Islands Gonzalo Parade told the news Agency TASS that the hotel has at least two tourists from Russia.

“One couple contacted us, they arrived on 21 February, was supposed to leave on February 29,” said Parada, adding that he has no information about whether there are Russian citizens among the hotel guests.

Meanwhile, an Italian doctor, who on Monday was identified coronavirus, quarantined in a local hospital. There he is doing more tests to make sure that it really is infected with a coronavirus. It is known that he was in a hotel with his wife.

Italy noted the highest number of people infected with coronavirus in Europe is 231. Last weekend, the authorities announced the introduction of a number of emergency measures in an attempt to contain the epidemic.

In several small cities of Lombardy and Venice introduced quarantine: in the next two weeks about 50 thousand people can’t leave their homes without special permission.

Even some important football matches will be held next weekend in an empty stadium.

What happens in other countries?

China on Monday announced another 508 cases of infection. Most of them are in Wuhan. In total, the country registered more than 77 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, 2663 people died.

In South Korea from the coronavirus has killed 10 people, the number of infected reached 977. The US government recommended its citizens unless absolutely necessary not to visit South Korea.

Japan confirmed more than 850 cases of infection. Most of them are in quarantine on a cruise ship “diamond Princess”, four people on that ship have already died.

In Iran from the virus died three people there, according to state media, the total number of deaths reached 15.

Gulf countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain has imposed restrictions on flights in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

The US plans to spend $ 2.5 billion to combat coronavirus, allocate resources to quarantine, vaccine development and aid to victims of the epidemic States. In total in America until it was revealed 53 cases of infection.




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