In the port of Beirut exploded 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate: it brought back a Russian businessman

As of the morning of 5 August, as a result of two explosions which occurred on 4 August, in the port capital of Beirut has killed at least 100 people, over 4 thousand injured, a few blocks of the city completely destroyed. According to the authorities, blew up a large batch of ammonium nitrate (also known as ammonium nitrate), which had been long stored in port without observing safety measures. About it writes BBC.

В порту Бейрута взорвались 2750 тонн селитры: ее туда привез российский бизнесмен

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The port of Beirut was completely destroyed. The Governor said that the explosion affected half of the city’s buildings. Broken glass and Windows not only adjacent to the port blocks, but in a radius of 20 km from the Blast wave felt even in Cyprus – about 200 km from Beirut, writes “Focus”.

Rescuers continue search for more than a hundred people whose fate is unknown. Some workers of the port were thrown into the sea in the explosion.

In Beirut can be a state of emergency for two weeks during the government meeting. The Council of national defense has already issued a call to transfer the army control over security on the incident.

According to local media, the number of victims could rise, because under the rubble of buildings are people.

One of the victims of the explosion was a famous Lebanese politician, Secretary General of the right-Christian party “Kataib” Nizar Najarian. The party largely represents the interests of Lebanese Christians opposing the movement “Hezbollah” and supporting the Syrian opposition. Najarian who received numerous injuries from the blast, died in hospital.

The ship with the nitrate belonged to the Russian businessman

The ammonium nitrate that exploded at the port in Beirut, confiscated from the ship Rhosus in September 2014. And the owner of this vessel was a Russian businessman Igor Grechushkin from Khabarovsk (Russia), writes “Commander in chief”.

Rhosus was carrying 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate from Batumi to Mozambique. In September 2013 it made an unscheduled stop in Beirut due to a problem on Board.

After checking the ship’s crew was forbidden to print it from the port. The confiscated vessel, the nitrate remained in the warehouse 12 the Wharf of the port of Beirut, it had to be disposed of. Since the ship remained a dangerous cargo, the Lebanese authorities have left four sailors, who had to wait for replacement crew.

The owner of this vessel, a Russian businessman Igor Grechushkin, a native of Khabarovsk, living in Cyprus. So say the sailors working on Rhosus. According to them, the owner said that went bankrupt, and “in fact has left the ship”. Lawyers creditors received three arrest warrants Rhosus, which went under the Moldovan flag.

“Initially on Board the vessel were eight Ukrainian sailors, — said the Executive Director of the Odessa Fund of the help to seamen “Assol” Natalia Klamm. — After the sailors with our help, appealed to the Ukrainian Consul, five Russians were able to return home. To sustain the ship on Board were four crew members-three Ukrainians and one Russian”. For a long time the remaining members of the crew had to ask for help; returned from Lebanon, they only a year, writes “the Media”.

“Because of the risks associated with the storage of ammonium nitrate on Board the vessel, the port moved cargo to one of the warehouses on the Bank, said lawyers involved in the case Rhosus. — The ship and its cargo remain in the port awaiting sale or disposal”.

According to the MarineTraffic service, last recorded location Rhosus in 2014, the ship was really close to pier 12, where the explosion occurred.

On the discussion forums sailors often there are negative reviews about the ship-owner Igor Grechushkin and his company Teto Shipping Ltd: sailors write about the delays in salary payment and bad condition of the vessel. The company Teto Shipping Ltd, was registered in the Marshall Islands in 2012 and ceased to exist in September 2014.

What is ammonium nitrate

Ammonium nitrate, also known as ammonium nitrate, widely used as a nitrogen fertilizer and as an explosive.

It is especially explosive when in contact with combustible materials and open flame. After the explosion of ammonium nitrate in the atmosphere can be emitted toxic gases, including oxides of nitrogen and ammonia.

Since the substance is particularly dangerous to the conditions of storage must meet strict requirements. One of them is the room where the ammonium nitrate must be fireproof, it is prohibited to install any pipes, flues or other ducts, which can accumulate a hazardous substance.

Experts report that the smoke of the red color that was visible over the port after the explosion, also can attest to the fact that we are talking about the explosion of ammonium nitrate.

The explosion, according to preliminary information, occurred during welding work that was supposed to block access to the interior from the sparks lit up some firecrackers, also stored in the warehouse, and then detonated 2 750 tons of ammonium nitrate. To get experts to rework on that one can contact them at Magna Fabrication.

What eyewitnesses say

“I saw the fire, but it was not clear that the explosion happens. We went inside. Suddenly I was deaf, because, apparently we were very close. For a few seconds, I suddenly ceased to hear — then it became clear that something happened, says Hadi Nasrallah. And then suddenly in the cars next to us showered glass. And in nearby cars, shops and houses too. Just from everywhere poured glass”.

“Almost all over the Beirut people called to each other from areas in different parts of the city — and everywhere was the same: broken glass, the building shaking. A loud explosion, says the witness. We were shocked because usually when this happens, the consequences of the explosion are felt only in one area. But this time around Beirut, even outside the city, says witness”.

“We came to Beirut by car in the early evening, when it got dark and there was absolute chaos. The streets are full of broken glass. Ambulances find it difficult to drive — everywhere bricks, concrete blocks. Collapsed the whole house, — says the journalist Sunniva rose. — When we arrived to the port, it became clear that it was cordoned off by the military. They told us that we need to stay away, because it may again explode”.

“Smoke rising from the port until late evening. The whole town turned black. Walking the streets was very difficult: we met the bloody men. I saw a doctor helping 86-year-old woman, he just ran with the first aid kit from his house. The machine was completely broken stones, says rose. — In my own apartment, too, all broken glass. The extent of the damage is unbelievable.”

Trump believes that the attack

The President of the United States Donald trump does not believe that the explosion in the Lebanese Beirut — it was an accident. He believes that it is the result of the attack and the bomb blast, writes “Commander in chief”.

The head of the White house said at the briefing.

According to trump, he talked about it with some generals, and they told him that the Lebanese capital was attacked, blowing up “some kind of bomb”.

“Looks like the attack is based on the nature of the explosion. I met with some of our generals, and they think that it is an attack and not some kind of explosion at the factory. All this seems to be, in their opinion, to attack. It was some kind of bomb,” said trump.

But the leadership of the US army said that they have no information about that explosion in Beirut occurred because of attacks from outside.

Words trump denied three employees of the Pentagon, who wanted to remain anonymous.

One of the soldiers said that if there was information about the attack, it would be taken for the protection of the American army, which is located in the region.

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