In the port of tromsø, Norway sank the burning Russian trawler, residents evacuated from-for threats of explosion of ammonia (PHOTO, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

В порту норвежского Тромсё затонул горящий российский траулер, жителей эвакуировали из-за угрозы взрыва аммиака  (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

In the Norwegian port city of tromsø sank the Russian trawler “Bay Rider”. About the fire announced Wednesday by local police. “The port of Breivik: fire on Russian trawler, a strong smoke,” wrote the law enforcement officers on Twitter, without specifying the name of the vessel and the owner.

According to NRK, we are talking about the ship “Bay Rider”, the police received a signal about the fire the day before at 10:59 local time (11:59 GMT), it was reported about the evacuation of people in the vicinity of the incident site. “The head of police in tromsø took the decision to evacuate and the creation of a security zone with a diameter of 300 m around the burning trawler”, – stated in the message of the local police. Just a 300-metre radius were evacuated more than 100 residents because of the threat of the explosion of ammonia on Board the trawler.

According to TASS, from the trawler were evacuated 29 people injured is not among them. After the evacuation of 12 crew members were sent to medical institutions for examination on the ingress of smoke into the respiratory tract.

As reported by the ship owner – Murmansk trawl fleet in the Norwegian port the trawler stopped for crew change and routine maintenance, during which the fire occurred. According to the version of the Norwegian fire during welding work ignited a fishing net. On Board were burning hydraulic oil and plastics. “The ship is insured”, – said the interlocutor of the Agency, without naming the insurance company and their insurance.

It was later learned that the trawler sank, preciouses near the pier: the fire was extinguished overnight, but was unable to extinguish. As follows from the broadcast channel NRK, on the water you can see only the starboard side of the vessel, much of the smoke. Near continues to run the boat with water gun. “The ship lies on the bottom. The smoke became less intense, but there is a threat of pollution [water] diesel fuel. Management of port services and the coast guard work at the site due to a possible bomb threat,” said police spokesman OLE of Severud.

According to the website of the company-the shipowner, the ship “Bay Rider”, which was an emergency – medium fishing trawler type “Sterkoder”. It was built in 1991 in Norway. Displacement – 2878 tons, the length is 64 meters, total crew of 46 people. The ship specializiruetsya on the fishing of haddock and cod in the northeast Atlantic.