In the recent protests in Ecuador have discovered a ‘Russian trail’ (PHOTO)

В недавних протестах в Эквадоре обнаружили 'русский след' (ФОТО)

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ecuador ascertain whether the actions of the authorities during the protests agreed with the foreign sources, there is the assumption that for statements against the government in social networks have used the IP addresses from Russia. In an interview with the newspaper El Comercio reported the head of the interior Ministry Maria Paula Romo.

Responding to a question about whether there was some agreement between the heads of the various social movements and groups that have rioted, the interior Minister noted that “key indicators and trends in social networks against the government” raised in Venezuela, but some attacks had an IP in Russia. “I hope that in the coming days, the investigation conducted by the Prosecutor General’s office, will give us confidence about the level of coherence between the different social strata, local and Federal authorities and forces that are outside of Ecuador,” she said.

According to her, what happened over 12 days in the country, was an attempt to destabilize the government and was not a “political coup” because it was not involved political parties. “There were hundreds of people attacking military fields, storage, water, telecommunications, media. This is what happens on a military scenario”, – she noted.

Protests in Ecuador lasted from the beginning of October: the reason for them was signed on 1 October by the President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno, a decree abolishing subsidies on diesel and gasoline, with the result that prices have increased more than 120%.

The protesters blocked roads, oil fields and access to airport Quito, had disrupted many businesses were taken hostage by the police. According to the Indian movement, was arrested more than a thousand people, two thousand were wounded, and one hundred people were missing and more than ten were killed. Because of the unrest Moreno, together with the government temporarily left Quito and went to situated 420 km South-West of the city of Guayaquil (province of Guayas).

October 12, Lenin Moreno, has accused his predecessor Rafael Correa, and the head of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro that they led the protest actions. Their catalyst was the abolition of state subsidies on fuel and economic reforms. During the protests was captured by a infrastructure, private enterprise, severely damaged the business of the country. The government and the opposition on 13 October agreed to an immediate cessation of confrontation. Excited citizens of the country the decree was annulled.