In the red shirt, and black leather jackets: Oleg Vinnik graced the cover of the magazine

The actor appeared on the cover of gloss and said in an interview about the most important people in his life, the responsibility, the cheating and the best compliments.

В красной футболке и косухе: Олег Винник украсил обложку журнала

In anticipation of the big solo concert of Oleg Vinnik in the capital’s sports Palace, which will be held on November 21 and will be the final chord in the scale round, “Roksolana”, the actor appeared on the cover of the special issue of the magazine “relax” and gave the publication an interview.

On the cover Oleg stood in a red t-shirt with their initials and OV with black jackets on one shoulder. Loose hair, light stubble and charming look complemented his image.

The singer shared interesting facts about his childhood, his work, life and loved ones.

Today psychologists and sociologists earnestly study the phenomenon of Oleg winnick, unravel the secret of his success. What the musician says, “While they are studying, I’m working. Well, if people have nothing better to do than study me, so we can just consider that I’m popular.”

Below are the most significant statements of the artist, published on the pages of gloss and reveal the principles of life.

“God forbid you lose a sense of reality and play too. There are artists who are going through the roof, and they live in the scenic way, thinking that it will always be. But any move could work both for and against. Today popular and tomorrow it is not.”

“I live in order to give the scene your creativity and love.”

“When you love a woman and care about her, I think, are the three minutes “campaign-left” broken relationships. Eyes I every woman to evaluate over 2 seconds to admire… Every man looks at women with interest, appraisingly. But it’s not cheating. Yes, you can dream about something – think it many times a day do both men and women. But to take responsibility for their actions – big deal”.

“For me, the best compliment is the recognition of the public and when my songs help people to live. For example, my producer Alexander Gorbenko called a woman who is a cancer survivor, he gave me the phone, and she told me that my songs helped her cope with the disease. To do this, the artist need to grow, and someone may never hear these words. This is the most valuable, just goose-pimply body”.

“I am proud that I am from the village. I grew up there and know life. Happy to come to the village to relatives, where I have a sister and niece. And I understand what is life and what is the work of people in the village. Is my air and my land.”

“The most important people in my life. But all people who met me, was important. Even if a person translates negative towards me, it will be a lesson. I think that all those people sent over for me to understand something, learned, made conclusions, learned lessons.”