In the run-up to primaries in new Hampshire: the Democrats promise that immigrants and taxpayers

Democrats, fighting for the right to become a rival of the current President of the United States Donald trump in the presidential election of 2020, the preparing for the primaries in new Hampshire, which will be held on February 11. This writes the “Voice of America”.

В преддверии праймериз в Нью-Гэмпшире: что обещают демократы иммигрантам и налогоплательщикам

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Before the vote Pete Buttidzhich and Bernie Sanders, according to the results of the Caucus in Iowa took first and second places respectively, seek to consolidate the success, and nine of their opponents, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and former us Vice-President Joe Biden, is to gain momentum.

Contenders for the presidential nomination of the Democratic party agree on many key political issues, but in some areas their views differ.


Joe Biden

Opposes the abolition of criminal penalties for illegal border crossing.

Promises to allocate Federal resources to create a “smart” system of border protection, including for infrastructure improvements at ports of entry into the country.

In favor of granting health insurance to immigrants.

Supports the creation of opportunities to obtain citizenship for illegal immigrants brought into the country as children (the so-called “dreamers”).

Believes that the country should make not less than 110 000 refugees a year.

Favor of creating a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants already living in the country.

Pete Buttidzhich

Supports the sale of health insurance to illegal immigrants.

Opposes the abolition of penalties for illegal border crossing.

Supports creation of pathway to citizenship for “dreamers”.

Advocates for changed priorities in immigration policy, with emphasis on the deportation of persons representing a threat to society.

In favour of a limited number of border barriers, but prefers to use new technology to strengthen border security.

Supports the comprehensive reforms in the Service of the customs and border protection (CBP) and Bureau of monitoring compliance with immigration legislation and customs (ICE).

Amy Klobuchar

Believes comprehensive immigration reform a priority and wants to spend it in the first year of his presidency.

Plans to cancel all orders of administration trump aimed at the deportation of “dreamers,” and immigrants with temporary protected status.

Offers to reopen the foreign Service’s offices of citizenship and immigration to instruct them to work with international adoptions, visas for family reunification and other issues.

Opposes the decriminalization of illegal border crossings.

Supports the construction of border barriers while creating a pathway to citizenship for some categories of illegal immigrants.

Bernie Sanders

Wants to cancel criminal punishment for apprehended while attempting to illegally cross the border, leaving criminal prosecution only for immigrants that represent a threat to security.

Promises to tear down the wall on the border with Mexico and wants to invest in developing technology to combat human trafficking and drug smuggling.

Offers to reform the system of monitoring compliance with immigration legislation, including the abolition of ICE and CBP and to transfer their functions to other agencies.

Advocates the cessation of most deportations, calling them cruel and inhumane practice.

Support the reunification of separated families.

Advocates for an immigration system based on family principle, civil rights and human rights.

Elizabeth Warren

Offers to give “dreamers” the ability to obtain citizenship and to protect from deportation the participants of the program created under the Obama administration.

Wants to reform CBP and ICE and to reduce the number of immigrants placed in detention.

Offers to provide medical insurance for migrants on the universal program, funded by the state.

Wants to let into the country more refugees and to create a special office for new Americans.

Promises to tear down the border fence with Mexico, was erected in trump.

Advocates for the decriminalization of illegal border crossings.


Joe Biden

Supports adjusted version of the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Opposes most taxes.

Supports the entry into the Complex and progressive agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership.

Wants to fight unfair trade practices of China, without provoking trade wars.

Wants to enforce current trade laws and investing in American workers and society.

Pete Buttidzhich

Does not support the use of fees to exert pressure on other countries.

Supports the fight against the trade practices of China, but also hopes to cooperate with China.

Supports adjusted version of the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Opposed to joining the Comprehensive and progressive agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership.

Amy Klobuchar

Supports the use of fees to exert pressure on other countries, seen in unfair trade practices.

Supports adjusted version of the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

In favour of cooperation with allies, including Japan and the European Union in the fight against unfair trade practices of China.

Aims to restore the tourism and trade ties with China.

Supports aggressive Federal action against Chinese dumping in the steel industry.

Advocates for tougher controls over compliance with trade legislation, including the expansion of inspections of steel imports.

Bernie Sanders

Wants to revise tariffs on Chinese goods.

Offers to rewrite all trade agreements.

In favour of a decree on the abolition of all Federal contracts with corporations that take jobs abroad.

Considers the duties of an effective tool to protect American workers and encourage more favorable practices in the field of protection of labor and environment.

Wants to expand initiatives aimed at increasing the number of jobs in the United States.

Elizabeth Warren

Opposes the secretive trade negotiations that have a strong influence of corporate interests.

Wants Advisory committees on trade was more representation of the movements protecting the environment, consumers and trade unions than corporations.

Plans to reform trade policy towards China.

Supported the establishment of a list of countries with unfavorable practices in the field of labor protection and environment for the subsequent imposition of sanctions against them.

Support the Paris agreement on climate and wants of the country, wishing to enter into trade negotiations with the United States, abolished fuel subsidies.


Joe Biden

In favour of maintaining a military presence in Afghanistan.

Pete Buttidzhich

Advocates the immediate return of American troops from Afghanistan.

Amy Klobuchar

Promises to return most U.S. military home by the end of the first term, but admits the possibility of maintaining a limited contingent in Afghanistan.

Bernie Sanders

In favor of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Elizabeth Warren

Promises to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan during first term.



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