In the Russian KVN parodied Zelensky

В российском КВН спародировали Зеленского

Russian comedians showed a parody of President Vladimir Zelensky.

Publication “Bigmir” reports that on YouTube there was a record of a new concert of the Highest League of KVN, where participants played the scene with a parody of Zelensky.

Miniatures were shown under the heading “Greeting” team “Tatneft”.

The actor who plays Zelensky came on the scene and began a parody of the words in Ukrainian: “thank you.” Then he switched to Russian language saying that it is more convenient so to speak. This move was intended to show that despite public statements Zelensky as the President in the Ukrainian language, he allegedly still thinks in Russian.

Then “double Zelensky” addressed to the member of the jury KVN, comedian Michael Galustyan. He said that in his own TV series (episode “servant of the people”) he played the President, and Galustian life played characters display questionable levels of society (homeless, security guard, alcoholic, etc.). In this regard, “double Zelensky” I do not understand what the dream Galustyan.

It should be noted that this statement caused a great laughter, but a parody of the President of Ukraine was warmly welcomed by the audience.