In the Russian village opened with fanfare on the road (photo)

В российской деревне с помпой открыли дорогу, которой нет (фото)

In Russia, in the village GUAM Ukamenskoe district of the Udmurt Republic recently officially opened after the repair of a dirt road. Recently in the Republic made self-immolation Director of the Institute of human UdSU albert Razin. As informs edition IZHLIFE, the locals did not even notice the opening of the upgrade of the road.

Many are outraged by the quality of the repair — it is noticeable even in the photos from the event on which the repaired road was opened with a loaf, but rubber boots all of the participants were ankle-deep in mud.

В российской деревне с помпой открыли дорогу, которой нет (фото)

– Shame on you for such repairs, if one can call it a repair? — asks Elena Karpova in the “Department of economy and forecasting. Yukamenskaya district” “Vkontakte”.

– Disgrace to the event spent more than on the road, there is a grader drove, apparently — the open road — said Yuri Logachev in another group.

– If it’s a new way after the repair, before the repair, it seems, gullies and pits with the tractor was, — wrote the user under the name Silver Silver.

– And the road-where? Mess, where are the people in rubber boots, expensive not to name, wrote in the comments Anna Bogdanova.

– Repair for show — sums up Rushana Saltykov.


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