In the school bus in Florida has beaten 14-year-old boy for a cap MAGA

In Florida five students charged after school bus a group of teenagers attacked a 14-year-old classmate. In the video, posted online, shows how they beat the boy. Parents claim it happened after their son’s wearing a hat MAGA (election slogan of the President of trump — Make America Great Again).

В школьном автобусе во Флориде избили 14-летнего мальчика за кепку MAGA

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Five students on November 21 in the County of Hamilton is charged with a misdemeanor. It happened after the mother of 14-year-old boy published on Thursday a video of the incident on Twitter.

At the beginning of the Sabbath this record shared almost 17,000 times.

“Keep in mind that this is only the first 21 seconds of the video,” writes the mother, using the username Twitter @AmericanDiaries .

“Please impeach these two girls and three boys,” she continued.

The video, which, according to the woman, he made another disciple, one of the students injures the boy when he tries to defend himself. At that moment he had no caps MAGA or any other clothing in support of the President.

According to radio station WFTL in West palm beach , the boy’s mother claims that her son during the incident, received head injuries and had sought medical help.

Female November 22, the day after the incident, wrote: “to be clear: my son bought the cap #Trump2020 their own money at a flea market a few weeks ago. He was proud to wear it.”

The boy’s lawyer Foy B. Walker on Thursday posted a video on Twitter, writing: “I represent this victim who was attacked and injured because he had exercised their right for #FreedomOfSpeech, wearing cap #maga school. The attack happened on the school bus in Hamilton County, FL!”

“That’s bullying and encroachment on our rights to freedom of speech under the First amendment!” he added in a separate tweet.

Deutsche post noted President trump, Senator Rick Scott Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Superintendent Rex Mitchell said in a letter published on Friday that the investigation of the school district Hamilton conducted during 22 days of fighting, did not reveal “any evidence” that the student was “hat, showing support for President trump” in “the midst of a fight or that wearing such clothing was the cause of the incident.”

“We absolutely do not endorse the use of physical force between students,” said Mitchell.

“It was a very unfortunate incident, it is not associated with any political statements or agendas. However, we continue to evaluate our security procedures to prevent future similar incident and ensure the safety of all students in the school district of Hamilton”.

However, attacks on the supporters of trump even in caps with the original inscription in English. ForumDaily previously wrote that in Maryland two Americans beat an immigrant for a cap with the slogan of trump, and in a fast food restaurant in Texas because of this cap attacked the teenager.