In the semi-finals of the super Cup in Spain there was a pin conflict between Messi and a future world star Joao Felix (video)

В полуфинале Суперкубка Испании произошел контактный конфликт между Месси и будущей мировой звездой Жоао Феликсом (видео)

Joao Felix and Lionel Messi

The conflict occurred in the semifinals of the super Cup of Spain in which Barcelona in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) lost to Atletico Madrid (2:3).

At the end of the first half, atlético midfielder Joao Felix had an argument with the captain of the Catalans Lionel Messi.

Intervened in the situation for half of the team on each side.

In one scene, something not shared by Joao Felix and the defender of “Barcelona” Jordi Alba, and that apparently provoked a showdown from Messi.