In “the Servant of the People” explained why not in a hurry to raise the minimum wage

The head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on social policy and protection of the rights of veterans Galina Tretyakov in an interview with “mirror of the Week, shared the idea that Ukraine should not too sharply raise the minimum wage, writes “Apostrophe” with reference to ZN.UA

В «Слуге Народа» объяснили, почему не спешат повышать минимальную зарплату

According to Galina Tretyakova, it looks like the administrative burden on the employer that might force him not only to save money but also will lead to the dismissal of employees. Tretyakov noted that the growth of wages possible in a different way, in connection with the shortage of specialists due to the departure of many Ukrainians abroad


“In Ukraine, migration, and people leave. And the increase in the number of jobs with a low supply of labor leads to increased wages. It is the law of supply and demand in the labour market. If we increase jobs, and people who offer their labor power, not enough, employers are beginning to compete.” — the head of the Committee.

But the sharp raising the minimum wage could trigger according to Tretyakova opposite effect. Increasing faster than inflation, without taking into account the real growth of GDP, that could cause the employer to the decrease in jobs.

According to Galina Tretyakova now extremely favorable period in order for the government to help the employer in creating jobs and pushed to fight for specialists competitive salaries for employees.