In the South of France politician is a nationalist opened fire and wounded a mosque (PHOTO)

На юге Франции политик-националист устроил стрельбу и ранил прихожан мечети (ФОТО)

In Bayonne in the South of France an elderly man opened fire on parishioners of a mosque, reports The Local. Two people were injured. According to preliminary data, the crime was committed by a member of the party “National Association” (the former “national front”), founded by Jean-Marie Le pen.

Shots were heard at about 14:30 local time (16:30 GMT). 84-year-old Claude Cinque fired several bullets at worshippers at the exit of a religious institution, then threw in a bottle with an incendiary mix. Severe wounds were received by two men aged 74 and 78. The fire quickly put out the fire.

Police arrested a suspect at his home in the town of Lund approximately 100 km from the scene. In the car he found a gas cylinder. Now the detainee is being interrogated by investigators, reports TASS. On the motives of the perpetrator is not reported.

The detainee Claude Cinque ran to the 2015 departmental elections from the party “national front”, writes Le Parisien.

According to the newspaper, Cinque was educated at the military school of AIX-EN-Provence. Details about his career, including the political, the edition does not. However, the newspaper says that in 2015, the sink lost the election from his Canton to the post of adviser to the Department with a score of 17.4%.

The leader of the party “National Union” marine Le Pen (daughter of Jean-Marie Le pen) has responded to the incident. She stated that the attack “contradicts all the values that are shared throughout the movement.” “Such crimes should be treated with all severity,” – said in his microblog Twitter.