In the state of new York has allowed the second time to judge persons pardoned by the President of the United States (PHOTOS)

В штате Нью-Йорк разрешили вторично судить лиц, помилованных президентом США (ФОТО)

The government of the U.S. state of new York adopted on Wednesday a law allowing re-prosecute for the same crime, were pardoned by the President of the United States Donald trump. This is stated in the message published on the website of the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo.

“Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced the signing of the law, which eliminates a loophole in the law protecting persons pardoned by the President and exempt from prosecution at the state level for the same crime. This key reform, part of the software of the bill of the attorney General Letitia James, and they give new York prosecutors the authority to seek prosecution for criminal acts in their jurisdiction,” – noted in the message, which leads TASS.

“No one is above the law,” said Cuomo. From the point of view of the attorney General James, mentioned above, a loophole in the laws of the state, “allowed the President to abuse his powers by unjust pardon members of his family or closest aides”. The law takes effect immediately and applies to offences both in the past and in the future.

Broadcaster CNN believes that the decision Cuomo may first touch the Floor of Manafort, which became part of the electoral headquarters of the trump in March 2016, led him in June, but in August was dismissed after Kiev accused him of illegally obtaining large sums of money in 2007-2012. March 8, the U.S. court of Alexandria (Virginia) sentenced the 70-year-old Manafort to 47 months in prison for violations of tax and banking legislation and concealing foreign Bank accounts, and on March 13, a court in Washington sentenced him to 3.5 years in prison for perjury and failure to comply with laws on lobbying activities.

The authorities of the state of new York accused Manafort in financial fraud by residential mortgages and issuing false business documents to fraudulently obtain millions of dollars. The accused did not plead guilty. His lawyers emphasize that some of the allegations in question, previously been presented to the client in other courts. Advocates stressed that Manafort not twice punished for the same violation.