In the team of Formula 1 Mercedes invented the steering wheel, working the wheel of the aircraft (photo)

В команде Формулы-1 "Мерседес" придумали рулевое колесо, работающее как штурвал самолета (фото)

In Barcelona started the pre-season tests Formula 1 teams.

The teams started the day off with aerodynamic tests, and when the track warmed up, switched to long series of circles.

They also allowed us to detect unusual technical solution for the new car “Mercedes W11”. The video clearly shows, as in the direct 6-time world champion Lewis Hamilton pulls a bit to the steering wheel to itself – and at that moment the front wheels slightly converge towards each other.

And Vice versa – with the approach to turn the pilot pushes the wheel a bit.

It creates an effect like the controls of the aircraft.

Moreover, on the dashboard you notice the “marker” which illuminates when you execute the maneuver.

Such a system may have a number of advantages. For example, it may be aimed at reducing tyre wear, reducing drag, which automatically affects the aerodynamics of the car. In addition, there is an effective redistribution of air flow.

It is not excluded that the team want to use it during races, but this raises the question of the legality of this decision and its conformity with the technical regulations.

In turn, the technical Director of the team from Silverstone Racing SportPesa Point Andy green believes that this decision is consistent with the regulations.

“As far as we can see in the video, this device is part of the steering. In the rules says that the driver can change the position of the front wheels with the steering. In a plane – the rules are not specified”, – quotes the expert

Just specify that Point is client Racing team Mercedes and positive statement in green is understandable.

Convince the arguments of the independent Commission of the FIA – the big question.

For comparison, we give an example of combat vehicles Racing Point this year (pink) with last year’s champion car, the Mercedes W10.

It turns almost clone.

В команде Формулы-1 "Мерседес" придумали рулевое колесо, работающее как штурвал самолета (фото)