In the truck on the track in the South of France near the Italian border, police found 31 illegal immigrants from Pakistan (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

В грузовике на трассе на юге Франции рядом с границей Италии полиция обнаружила 31 нелегала из Пакистана (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

The French police detained in the South-East of the country a truck, inside which was hidden a minimum of 31 a native of Pakistan.

Driving the car was also Pakistani, who have been detained by police, reports the En24 News.

The truck did not cause any suspicion, he was stopped by police for a routine check on the highway A8 near the village of La Turbie after he was driven from the territory of Italy, according to the Prosecutor’s office in nice.

All migrants, among whom were three teenagers around the age of 15 years, in accordance with the procedures returned to the Italian authorities.

As noted by the French authorities, in recent months, a growing number of attempts to smuggle migrants into France in transit with final destination in the UK.

So, on October 27 in a refrigerated truck bound for the UK via the port of Calais, was found alive eight migrants from Afghanistan. Found them during a routine check of the truck before loading onto the ferry, reports Deutsche Welle.

Refugees from slight hypothermia was taken to the hospital. The temperature inside the truck was about 7 degrees Celsius. Two drivers of the vehicle, both natives of Romania, was taken into custody on charges of people smuggling.

As noted by the publication, on average, the smugglers take illegal immigrants for shipping from Calais to Dover for 11 thousand euros per person.

These incidents occurred after Britain had found 39 bodies of immigrants from Vietnam, who died in a truck with a freezer.

First Essex police said that the migrants found dead “presumably, are citizens of China.” However, after the Vietnam Embassy in London had notified British authorities that began to receive dozens of calls from citizens who believe that their relatives disappeared, the British police said that discovered in the trailer of the truck the migrants were citizens of Vietnam.

“At the moment, we believe that all the victims were citizens of Vietnam, and we are in contact with the Vietnamese government”, – reads the statement of the assistant chief constable of Essex Tim Smith. According to him, already installed the relatives of some victims.

On 23 October in Grays in the English County of Essex, the police discovered the refrigerator with 39 bodies of migrants who died from hypothermia. The truck was brought to the UK by ferry from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge.

Currently in custody are two suspected of involvement in the death of migrants: the truck driver, 25-year-old native of Northern Ireland Maurice Robinson, delivered the trailer to grace from the British port of Purfleet, and also the man that delivered the trailer to the Belgian port of Zeebrugge.

Another three detainees were released on bail until mid-November.