In the U.S. Senate began the trial on the impeachment trump

21 January in the us Senate began a full trial on the case concerning the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump. This writes the “Voice of America”.

В Сенате США началось судебное разбирательство по импичменту Трампа

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This is the third case in American history when the President faces removal from office for alleged violation of the oath.

One of the first elements of the procedure will be voting on the timing and sequence of the proceedings which suggested the Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell.

McConnell proposes giving managers of the house of representatives on impeachment and lawyers trump for 24 hours during two days to present their arguments. The draft resolution says nothing about the possibility of calling witnesses and presenting new evidence.

McConnell and the Republicans do not hide that they want the proceedings went quickly and led to the acquittal of trump.

The leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer said McConnell “hooked” trump, who is trying to hide admitted the offence.

“Given how important such a thing as impeachment, the resolution of Senator McConnell is just a national disgrace,” said Schumer, accusing the majority of Republicans is that they are afraid of the President.

Trump’s lawyers criticized the case of impeachment as a “dangerous perversion of the Constitution.” According to them, the President “did absolutely nothing wrong”, when demanded from Ukraine to conduct the investigation, favorable to him politically.

Lawyers say that the Democrats are advocating for the removal of trump, not trying to find the truth in the relationship of the tramp with Ukraine, but want to review the results of the elections in 2016 and to interfere in his campaign for re-election in 2020.

The house of representatives approved two articles of impeachment. One claims that trump has abused its powers when it demanded that President Vladimir Zelensky to investigate the activities of one of the main rivals in the elections of 2020, former Vice President Democrat Joe Biden. The second article accuses the President of obstructing the investigation of Congress.

Democratic lawmakers had previously argued that “the collected evidence fully confirm” the guilt of the tramp on both articles.

Lawyers trump in his 110-page conclusion, insist that in contacts with Zelensky, the President was in a normal foreign policy.

They believe that he did not commit the crime.

Whatever the legal arguments for and against trump, he will almost certainly be acquitted by the Senate, where majority Republicans.

For his conviction and removal from office requires a two-thirds vote of the senators. In other words, to condemn trump need at least 20 of the 53 Republican senators joined 47 Democrats.

While none of the Republicans did not call for the removal of the President from office.