In the U.S., the man got a million dollars thanks to the beer

В США мужчина получил миллион долларов благодаря пиву

Consultation with the family, the American has decided to give money to a children’s hospital.

24-year-old football fan Carson king of the United States accidentally attracted a huge amount of money for the children’s hospital due to the desire to drink beer. The man came on match of the NCAA with a poster. On it was written: “Busch Light Stocks require replenishment”. Below, the American pointed out payment system Venmo, you can send donations, and the name of your account in it. Half an hour later the king, the account was already $ 400, writes The Washington Post.

В США мужчина получил миллион долларов благодаря пиву

As it turned out, Carson along with his poster came in the inclusion of the stadium before the match, which was broadcast on the biggest American sports channel ESPN. That his poster saw not only the visitors of the match, the guy didn’t know, so I was very surprised when the amount exceeded a few thousand.

“The children deserve all that it would be possible to give them. And if I can give them something, I’ll do it,” says Carson. However, some of the money the American wanted to keep. He decided that 15 dollars to spend on a case of beer as promised on the poster.