In the UK, enter the statements for children’s coaches to exclude from training the play head

В Великобритании вводят инструкции для детских тренеров исключить из тренировок игру головой

Children under 11 years should no longer hit the ball the head in training.

To such conclusion came the Football Association of England (FA), Scotland and Northern Ireland, which implement changes to reduce health risks for young players, reports the BBC.

However, these instructions yet that are Advisory in nature and not a General prohibition.

The study, funded by the FA and PFA (Association of professional footballers of England), has shown that professional footballers in three and a half times more likely to die from neurodegenerative diseases than the rest of the representatives of the appropriate age.

While the exact cause of increased risk until the install failed, but a likely factor is named that frequent heading.

Under the new rules, for training of children in the age groups U-11 and below need to give up all of exercises for working off such attacks.

But in the games it will be permitted due to the small number of such actions that occur in such games.

What impact will this have in the future, the professionalism of such actions of the British players, not difficult to predict.