In the United States, a new type of fraud associated with COVID-19: how to protect yourself

Authorities have identified a new type of fraud common in the US — the criminals send text messages falsely informing his victims that they allegedly had contact with a person infected with coronavirus, says Press Herald.

В США появился новый вид мошенничества, связанный с COVID-19: как защититься

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In the office of Senator Susan Collins in Maine warned residents about a newly discovered Scam in which criminals send text messages to potential victims, notifying the people that they allegedly were at risk of infection by the coronavirus that come in contact with a sick person. These messages are false and in no way connected with official information about patients.

In the message, it is recommended that people independently isolated and tested. Although the text says by clicking on the link, people will be able to get more info, authorities warn: actually the scammers trying to gain access to valuable personal data of the victim, said in a statement issued on 5 may.

Fraud with text messages — the most recent of a series of fraudulent phones, text messaging and email related to the coronavirus.

The scammers operate to defraud or intimidate consumers when personal information exchange required to pay Commission for allegedly receiving a Federal bailout in connection with the coronavirus (in fact, no Commission should not be) trying to sell a non-existent vaccine COVID-19 or please transfer donations to a fake charity.

“Termination fraud to deprive Americans of their personal information and hard earned money is one of my top priorities,’ said Collins in a press release. — Disgusting that criminals are using the crisis to their advantage. I urge the public to beware of telephone calls, text messages or emails from unknown sources that require you to take immediate action.”





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