In the United States a sign of ‘Okay’ admitted racist, and Emoji peach became a symbol of the impeachment trump (PHOTO)

В США знак 'Окей' признали расистским, а эмодзи персик стал символом импичмента Трампа (ФОТО)

The American anti-defamation League (ADL) has added Emoji “Okay” in their online database of racist symbols. This popular Emoji has been in an updated list after it was used right-wing activists. The BBC Russian service says other emojis that caused a scandal in society.

ADL is a Jewish organization that keeps track of the symbols and gestures are often used to Express superiority of the white race. In the list of organizations including the Nazi signs, symbols ku Klux Klan, and various Internet memes, making fun of Jews and people of other nationalities.

Emoji “Okay” was in the list after the popular imageboard 4chan users started to share their photos with this gesture. Soon, this symbol has a different connotation in communities of right-wing activists.

Australian killer Brenton Tarrant, opened fire at two mosques in New Zealand, showed the “OK” gesture during a meeting of the court. Activists of the neo-Nazi organization Proud Boys “Proud boys” showed this gesture during their marches in the American Oregon this summer. According to the anti-defamation League, these symbols serve as a warning of the presence of the misanthrope in society, but we should not accept the “OK” gesture only in this sense, since most people use it in a positive value.

The historian Paul Stoker, studying right-wing movements, noted that various extremist groups often use the Internet for some symbols that are familiar to ordinary people, but change their meaning.

Emojis are often the subject of scandals or discussions on the Internet. Often users start to invent new values. So, for example, icons depicting the eggplant and peach, can be seen as illustrations of the genital organs. After the speaker of the us Senate, Nancy Pelosi announced the launch of the impeachment of the President of the United States Donald trump, supporters of the Democratic party began to use Emoji, and peach as a call for the resignation of trump (the word peach – “peach” can be seen as an integral part of the word “impeachment”).

On Apple for Emoji also took up arms against the American supporters of carrying weapons. After a wave of armed attacks in the US last year after another update, the company has replaced the Emoji-gun on the water gun. Later, the image of a gun on a toy gun was also replaced by Facebook, Google and Twitter.

In 2015, the Minister for foreign Affairs of Australia Julie Bishop said the red angry face on the question what she thinks about Vladimir Putin. Australian Senator penny Wong asked the Bishop to explain what she meant – in her opinion, evil Emoji could prevent normal relations with Russia.

The office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs, the UN has been criticized after he posted a tweet about the shelling of residential areas in Syria, accompanied by an Emoji of four people, two of whom were smiling. In comments to the post Twitter users noted that the use of smiling emojis look weird and out of place when talking about casualties.