In the United States arrested immigrants from the Soviet Union: they financed trump, associated with ‘business Biden’ and can confirm the necessity of impeachment (PHOTO)

В США арестованы выходцы из СССР: они финансировали Трампа, связаны с 'делом Байдена' и могут подтвердить необходимость импичмента (ФОТО)

Two businessmen from the entourage of Rudolf Giuliani, a personal lawyer of Donald trump, was arrested in Washington. Immigrants from the Soviet Union Igor Fruman (from Russia) and Lev Parnas (Belarus) arrested on charges of violating the law on financing the election campaign. In the near future the court will determine their measure.

According to investigators, these businesses donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in so-called supercommittee (PAC) that are involved in supporting the electoral campaign of trump on the upcoming 2020 presidential election.

In addition, both brothers have in the coming days to testify to the investigators to find out whether there are grounds for impeachment of the President of the United States. And Truman, and Parnassus was the informant of the attorney Rudolph Giuliani, in the case of son of ex-Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Supposedly Truman and Parnas helped Giuliani to go on officials in Ukraine to build a case against the former Vice-President of the USA and his son hunter.

Parnas and Froman attended a dinner with trump in the spring of 2018, he met with the son of the American President. Parnassus was accompanied by Giuliani at a meeting with US special envoy in Ukraine with Kurt Volker in July 2018.

In addition, the Lion of Parnassus and Igor Fruman suspected of attempting to change the leadership of the Ukrainian company “Naftogaz” to their proteges concluded lucrative contracts with companies controlled by the allies trump.

How to write RTVi, businessmen hoped that instead of the CEO of “Naftogaz” Andrey Kobelev his post will take a top Manager of the company Andrey Favorov. However, the plan failed after the defeat of Petro Poroshenko in the presidential elections.

Entrepreneurs met with Favoravel at the conference in Texas. They told him about plans to supply about 100 tankers of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine. Favorova convinced that trump the President supports that deal and going to change even of the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch on the person who will represent their business interests.

October 5, Politico reported that the Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry in may of this year met with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, and asked him to change the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz” to include in it representatives of the USA.

On 25 September the House of Representatives announced the launch of impeachment proceedings against Donald trump. The reason was the complaint of the employee of intelligence services of telephone calls trump and Zelensky, in which trump asked Zelensky to help with the investigation against the son of the former Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden hunter. On the same day the White house published a transcript Zelensky and trump. In it the U.S. President asked his Ukrainian counterpart to talk with Rudolph Giuliani about the case against hunter Biden.