In the United States arrested two people from Ukraine, helped the Tramp to look for dirt on Biden

В США арестованы два выходца из Украины, помогавшие Трампу искать компромат на Байдена

Thursday, October 10, it became known that in new York, was taken into custody two businessmen, who are originally from Ukraine. This Leo Parnassus and Igor Fruman. According to The Wall Street Journal, they both relate to the personal lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani.

The publication claims that on October 10 the Parnassus and Truman must be brought before the Federal court of Virginia. What exactly blame the business is not clear. The Wall Street Journal don’t doubt that somehow it is connected with “Ukraineitar”.

The names of Parnassus and Romana began to appear in the American media last month — since then, as journalists began to be interested in absolutely all Ukrainian ties Donald trump. It happened after the impeachment of the American President. She is known, was initiated by the House of representatives of Congress in connection with the fact that the congressmen suspect trump in putting pressure on the Ukrainian authorities with the purpose of obtaining personal political gain. Recall, 25 July 2019, the US President spoke by phone with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. In the course of this conversation the American leader made it clear that it is extremely interested in the resumption of the investigation the Prosecutor General of Ukraine activities of the oil and gas company Burisma, a member of the Board of Directors where for five years he was hunter Biden, the son of former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden.

It is alleged that Parnas and Truman helped Giuliani to seek the right people in the Ukraine, which could help to collect dirt on Biden. Also established that these businessmen — Global Energy Producers LLC — took 325 thousand dollars on the expense of the group America First Action, thereby helping the election campaign trump. And this, according to the Daily Beast, is a violation of U.S. law on financing of political parties and election campaigns.

53-year-old Truman and 47-year-old Parnassus recently made a contribution in activities in support of trump in the US, and also provide financial support to Republican candidates in the elections of different levels. In particular, with their help, America First Action was able to provide $ 3 million to the campaign of Congressman Pete Sesina. The Republican represents the state of Texas. It’s interesting that he first sent a letter to Washington calling for the recall of the US Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

According to U.S. media, the Parnassus and Froman met with President trump and his son Donald Jr. Both are clients of Giuliani. They helped the lawyer trump contact with former Prosecutor General of Ukraine on the case of Burisma. While Romana and Parnassus had a conflict with Igor Kolomoisky, who, according to him, they asked for help to install connection with the administration of the President Zelensky. Kolomoisky called them a Scam, but Truman Parnassus and sued him for it in court. In late August, Kolomoisky said in an interview that the conflict between them is settled.

In the picture in the header Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman sitting at the table with the US President’s son Donald trump Jr. and Tommy Hicks, Jr., who is in search of donors to America First Action.

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