In the United States because of the coronavirus give the box with the products inside

The author of the channel “the First Traveling” on “Yandex.Zen” is a supply of food for a week To give US needy NGOs. Hereinafter in the first person.

В США из-за коронавируса выдают коробки с продуктами: что внутри

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America, like all other countries, is experiencing an epidemic of coronavirus, and is taking steps to stop the spread of the epidemic. Because there is a huge variety of non-governmental organizations and disease-free time help all segments of the population who need this help, and now that they joined to help people. In one of these organizations in the Kansas times a week, you can get a box of food: you need food for normal functioning.

I got this box — no queues, just come and take. And 10 times regretted that came for her without a car: barely dragged to the house. So what do the Americans give to their citizens and temporary residents (for 1 person per week):


First, it is a package of three cereals: dried beans, dried peas, and long rice. Each package is approximately 900 grams.

A small box of pasta (454 grams) — in fact, these macaroons I don’t really like, but of course cook and eat. As they say in Ukraine, “sho robyt”. Also, the packaging of egg powder I don’t know what to do with it and how useful it is to use. Maybe you faced with this?

Dried fruits

Box of raisins (425 grams) and packing prunes (dried plums) — 454 grams.


Next come the canned goods. In total there were 4 banks. One of them (with white beans), I laid out right there, as the beans not very much, especially the canned kind. In General, canned food is considered not very useful. Now, 3 other banks is red beans, pink salmon (hasn’t been opened yet, I wonder what it is — mince or chunks) and pumpkin puree (vitamin a source).


The hardest part of this whole package — a huge brick weighing approximately 3.5 kg of meat. What kind of meat, I have not yet checked. Similar to beef. At first I thought that the liver, but the liver is usually darker.

And the signature dish — a glass of frozen, farm-raised oysters. It’s probably worth it to eat on Thursday (fish day in Soviet canteen).

The bread around the head

Also in the box lay the famous us macaroni and cheese (powdered cheese there) and a loaf of bread that was fresh a few days ago, but still usable.

I’ll be good for a month. Given that I can’t cook — and even for a year. And You would have enough for the week?

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