In the United States began clinical trials of Japanese medicines from COVID-19

Hospitals in Massachusetts began the first U.S. clinical tests of Japanese drug to treat coronavirus, writes NBC Boston.

В США начали клинические испытания японского лекарства от COVID-19

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Three hospitals in Massachusetts received permission to conduct the first U.S. clinical tests of Japanese drug against influenza, which can be used for the treatment of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Tests of medications known as a drug trade mark Avigan, will be held in hospitals Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and UMass Memorial Medical Center.

The doctors involved in the study say that the drug was widely used in the treatment of people, and that side effects are relatively well known.

The drug causes the virus wrong, “read the genetic instructions” and do not play properly, so the virus eventually “dissolves in a test tube,” said Dr. Robert Finberg, an infectious-disease specialist at UMass Memorial.

In the United States in clinical trials will involve 50 to 60 patients divided into two groups. The first group will receive the drug in addition to standard treatment, while the second group will receive only standard therapy.

Japan is currently conducting a similar clinical trial to assess safety of the drug.

The administration trump is putting pressure on the FDA to approve the drug as a treatment for COVID-19, but there are still concerns about the risks and limited evidence that the drug is effective.



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