In the United States began testing on humans, the cure and vaccine from the Chinese coronavirus

American biotechnology company Moderna Therapeutics, based in Cambridge (mA), sent the first batch of its vaccine for coronavirus COVID-19 to the national Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases (NIAID), part of the National institutes of health (NIH) in Bethesda (MD) who will prepare the vaccine for human testing in April 2020. Writes about this Time.

В США начали тестировать на людях лекарство и вакцину от китайского коронавируса

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The vaccine was created in just 42 days, once in mid-January, Chinese researchers released the genetic sequence of the virus COVID-19 called SARS-CoV-2.

NIH scientists have also begun testing of an antiviral drug called “Ramdevpir”, which was developed to fight Ebola, the patient infected SARS-CoV-2.

The test is the first step to test the drug for the treatment of COVID-19, and it will hold the team from the University Medical center of Nebraska. The first patient voluntarily took part in an innovative study, is the passenger who was evacuated to the U.S. from the cruise ship Diamond Princess, after discovering he had coronavirus. Other people with confirmed cases will also be part of the study.

“Ramdevpir” showed encouraging results in animals infected with two related coronaviruses, one of which was responsible for severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and another for middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Volunteers will be randomly assigned the drug or placebo intravenously for 10 days and every two days they will be undergoing blood tests and swabs from the nose and throat to monitor the amount of virus in their body. Even if the drug will demonstrate some effectiveness in containing the growth of SARS-CoV-2 in the blood, it can help to contain the spread of infection.

The vaccine company Moderna against COVID-19, was developed in record time, because it is based on a relatively new genetic method that does not require growing huge quantities of virus.

Instead, the vaccine is packaged mRNA, genetic material that comes from the DNA and produces proteins. Modern downloads its vaccine mRNA, which encodes the correct protein of coronavirus, which are then introduced into the body. Immune cells in lymph nodes can handle this mRNA and begin to produce the protein to other immune cells could recognize and mark them for destruction.

This means that this method of vaccination can spread quickly, saving critical time when a new condition such as COVID-19, which begins to infect tens of thousands of people.

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