In the United States brutalized animal rights activist slash with a knife a woman for fur clothing

В США озверевшая зоозащитница искромсала ножом женщину из-за меховой одежды

In the United States in the town of Cleveland heights animal rights activist attacked with a knife on the local resident for fur clothing. The incident happened during a service in the Presbyterian Church. The victim suffered three wounds: two in the hand and one in the abdomen. The woman was hospitalized, the threats to her life.

The suspect in the attack was the 35-year-old Meredith Lowell. She is detained and will be able to get out of custody, only if you pay a million dollars bail. Assigning such a fabulous sum that the judge took into account the previous “merits” of Meredith in 2012 she was found guilty of attempting to hire a killer and arrange the murder of someone from lovers of fur garments. In addition, Lowell was accused of hooligan attack on the person, but recognized posudniy.

Witnesses say the injured woman did not give any reason for the attack. According to the testimony of those present, Lowell walked into a large room and stabbed the first one. This unfortunate was Babysitting at the Church, looking after the children during the service. Detailed questioning of witnesses showed that fur clothing on the victim was not — the edge was present on the shoes but the fur was faux, according to WKYC.

One of the men gathered in the Church, was able to defuse aggressive zoodefender and hold her until the police arrive.

Earlier, the fashion designer told the “FACTS” that the main fashion trend of the world — ecology and the protection of endangered species. Expert sees no future place for products from natural fur. Stylists agree that fashion has turned to artificial materials.

Photo By Cleveland Police

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