In the United States called Kaliningrad the aim of the impact in the event of war with Russia (PHOTOS)

В США назвали Калининград целью удара в случае войны с Россией (ФОТО)

The Pentagon has a plan designed to overcome air defense system in Kaliningrad, told reporters commander of US air forces in Europe and Africa Jeffrey Lee Harrigan. Reported by Breaking Defense.

According to him, Washington was ready “very timely” respond to a possible “Russian aggression” in Europe. “We are working on this scheme. We all the time think over these plans, and if ever need be, we will be ready to implement them”, – said the military.

Details developed by the Pentagon plan, Harrigan did not disclose. Writes Breaking Defense, in this case will be a comprehensive offensive, including the assault with air, land, sea, space, as well as attacks in cyberspace and electronic warfare.

Western politicians and senior military are always talking about the “Russian threat”. At the same time Moscow has repeatedly stressed that Russia will never attack anyone. According to foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in the Alliance know about the absence in Moscow of such plans, but just are about to place near the Russian border, more technology and battalions.

In July of this year it became known that American soldiers are training volunteers from the Baltic States: in the opinion of management, this will help them to resist the Russian occupation in case of seizure of the Western lands of Russia. The training was part of the Ridge Runner program in West Virginia where the summer went troops from Latvia and Poland. The unit will respond at an early stage of hybrid conflict. Their tasks may include slowing down the advancing units of the aggressor country by the destruction of key transport infrastructure, attacks against enemy forces in the field of blockade and possible use as advanced observers for aircraft NATO, responding to air strikes.

At the same time, there is a lack of NATO forces on the Eastern border. Russia holds about 760 tanks in the vicinity of the Baltic countries, while NATO countries together hold about 130 tanks in the same region, and about 90 of them American M-1, located in the temporary rotation.

In December 2017 it was noted that NATO may face difficulties if Russia invades the Baltic States “strongly and suddenly.” The authors of the same report, RAND expressed doubt the U.S. capability to promptly use its air force in the event of such a scenario. They show the presence of a Russian army advanced air defense systems.

In 2018, it was noted that European countries are experiencing serious problems with readiness. Greece and Turkey’s large army, but they are not prepared to deploy to a hot spot outside of the region. Smaller armed forces, particularly the Belgian and Romanian, has reduced its ground forces. NATO calls on them to create a new team, but remains questionable whether defense budgets increased enough to make that happen.

With the larger and more reliable NATO allies also have problems. Well trained and equipped forces of France overwhelmingly deployment of troops in Africa. Germany on paper is the heavy tank and artillery forces that can be thrown into battle, but government oversight of the service claim that the army lacks the necessary equipment. In October 2018, NATO conducted exercises near Russia’s borders, prompting accusations of Moscow accused the Alliance of “sabre rattling”.