In the United States created the vaccine from COVID-19 on the basis of the avian plague

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В США создали вакцину от COVID-19 на основе вируса птичьей чумы

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In the United States experienced the “humanized” mice vector vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, based on the LaSota strain of Newcastle disease virus (NDV), which modernized the coronavirus S-protein. The result is posted on the Preprint server bioRxiv.

The experiments were carried out in the laboratory 3rd — maximum — level biosecurity.

Nine groups of mice were immunizable four different variants of the vaccine in a dosage of 10 and 50 mcg for a three-week scheme Prime-boost (the first vaccination+fixing). Injection was done intramuscularly, as a live NDV is almost not replicated in the muscle and does not cause symptoms in mammals.

Newcastle disease or the Asian bird plague — a viral disease of birds. The animals develop pneumonia, encephalitis, and multiple petechial hemorrhages in the organs. Pathogen — RNA-paramyxovirus — poses a great threat to poultry with regard to its high sensitivity to the virus and the mortality of 15-30%.

The virus is harmless for humans: may cause high mild conjunctivitis and flu-like symptoms.

The authors claim that their drug in all doses “caused a high level of neutralizing antibodies”. Attempt nasal (through the nose) to infect the immunized animal coronavirus were in vain: the virus and its antigens in the lungs after this experiment was not detected.

This vaccine is offered to perform a traditional and relatively cheap for many similar products of way — in chicken eggs with embryos.

NDV is a safe platform for vaccines. This virus is also used for research with the development of antitumor vaccines: it can selectively hit onkokletki.





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