In the United States dramatically increased arms sales: people fear that the police will not protect them

According to experts in the field of research and development of firearms, the growing concerns about personal safety contribute to the striking growth of sales of weapons in the United States, writes Business Insider.

В США резко выросли продажи оружия: люди опасаются, что полиция их не защитит

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“If you’re in a big or small gun shop, you would see that the shelves are empty and they are empty because of demand, said mark Oliva, a representative of the National shooting sports Foundation. Manufacturers are working around the clock to meet this demand.”

Demand began to grow in March, when the pandemic was announced the coronavirus, according to Federal data on inspections of biographical data that would normally be required for purchasing firearms.

“While law enforcement have been exhausted, because the officers had contracted the virus, said Oliva. — In police departments said they needed sort of emergency and other calls and not to answer all of them, and change their Protocol to take precautionary measures”.

People began to worry about the ability to protect themselves without police assistance. Demonstrations, looting and calls to dofinansirovat the police after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis also fueled security crisis that has led to increased sales of arms.

In June, the FBI conducted a record 3.9 million checks, biographical data, the highest number since the Agency started to record this data in 1988. Although data validation is a key indicator of demand, it does not confirm directly the number of units sold of arms.

According to estimates of the Brookings institution in Washington, from March to June, the US has sold about 3 million units of firearms, more than usual in those months of the year.

According to arms dealers interviewed by NSSF, about 40% of sales during a surge occurred in new gun buyers. As a rule, this group represents about a quarter of the sold weapons.

Oliva called it a “seismic shift” among gun owners.

“People who doubted whether to become owners of weapons, has ceased to hesitate and take action,” he said.

Sales of firearms tend to fluctuate depending on election cycles — increasing threatened to strengthen measures to control firearms and falling after the election of the candidate who supports gun rights.

According to Oliva, in the United States in recent years there has been growing demand commensurate with what was after the September 11 attacks.




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