In the United States dramatically increased the number of complaints about fireworks: people take them for the bombings

Complaints of fireworks has grown rapidly in new York, San Francisco and 600% in Milwaukee. What’s going on? About it writes USA Today.

В США резко выросло число жалоб на фейерверки: люди принимают их за взрывы

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Monday, June 29, at Macy’s announced that this week will launch the fireworks from unnamed places in new York, completing a month filled with inexplicable use of fireworks and increase in complaints throughout the United States.

Without naming a specific location, the official representative of Macy’s Orlando Veras said the company will be able to “mitigate the formation of large concentrations of people waiting for the show”.

But this Declaration was followed by increases in the number of complaints about fireworks in new York, where the number of complaints rose to 13 109 in June 2020 compared to 32 in June last year, reported ABC News.

New York is not alone.

The number of complaints spiked in Boston, where mayor Marty Walsh announced on 7 844 calls according to June 24. San Francisco 2233 received the complaint as of June 22, local media reported.

In Milwaukee complaints of fireworks increased more than 600 percent, as people reported that they had heard periodic small explosions.

“Oddly enough, it happened every night”, — said the representative of the local authority Milwaukee Bob Bauman. — Ran them in several places. All this was done by fans, because the official fireworks were not”.

The increase in the number of complaints about fireworks can be associated with sales growth.

Commissioner Dana Baiocco working in the safety Commission consumer products, said turned to several trade associations fireworks, and she said that sales of consumer fireworks “definitely increased”.

William Weimer, Vice President of Phantom Fireworks, said that despite the quarantine until the end of may, early in the season was the biggest sale that ever happened in the history of the company.

A splash of fireworks caused an uproar in social networks: given the frequency and intensity of fireworks, combined with the growth of protests against police brutality during the month, some users are suspicious of such fireworks.

One theory that has received wide attention in social networks, it was assumed that the fireworks were “a coordinated attack on the black community by government forces; attack aimed at disorientation and destabilization of the movement #BlackLivesMatter.”

However, the sales boom started about two weeks before the protests, said Weimer, refuting such a theory.

Although the laws on the sale and possession of fireworks vary greatly depending on the state, fireworks professional level can only be purchased with a license, and usually to run them can be used only with special equipment.

Weimer tied peak sales with three factors: people tend to get out of their houses, “much to do”, and a municipal show was cancelled.

“People tend to go and something to do,’ said Weimer. Just not so many opportunities to participate in events and fireworks are fun. If used safely and correctly, they can deliver a lot of fun, good wholesome family entertainment”.

While in Macy’s acknowledged concerns about illegal fireworks, Veras said, “our products are authorised and produced in collaboration with a number of security and protection, as well as with the city of new York.”

“The fireworks will be launched from local waterways or buildings in large Central locations in the five boroughs. In addition, the show will last only five minutes and will run at the appropriate time in the evening and not in the late hours,” he said.




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