In the United States fell winter storm: a Blizzard, a tornado killed one person

A powerful winter storm advancing from the Gulf coast to the northeast United States, brings heavy rains, snowfalls and strong winds. It has caused at least one death, reports Fox News.

На США обрушился зимний шторм: метели, торнадо, один человек погиб

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The national weather service said the possibility of tornadoes in the Eastern United States Thursday, February 6. In the Carolinas also issued several warnings about the tornado.

A strong storm front swept through early in the morning of February 6 through Alabama. In the result one person died, another was injured. Also, strong winds destroyed two mobile homes, near the town of Demopolis, according to the Center for prediction of storms.

It was not immediately clear whether to blame this tornado, but the emergency Manager of the County of Marengo said a strong wind began after 2 am.

A storm front brought heavy rains and gusty winds to New Orleans, where at the construction site of Four Seasons hotel in the city centre collapsed in the forest.

According to FOX8, one person was sent to the hospital, and the debris damaged five cars. Also the city was struck by a storm of hail. A strong wind broke the glass of the two revolving doors.

На США обрушился зимний шторм: метели, торнадо, один человек погиб

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In the South, more than 113 000 homes and businesses were without electricity, and according to weather forecasts, rains will continue on Friday, February 7, in much of the region.

In Atlanta because of the strong wind in the rush hour on the road fell the tree.

A tornado warning was issued in the suburb of Helena in Birmingham, at that time, as in other parts of the state was reported about the floods.

Tornadoes and floods swept across the city from Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle East to Virginia. Many school districts canceled classes because of bad weather.

The airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, evacuated the control tower and advised people to find shelter because of a tornado warning. International airport Charlotte-Douglas said on Twitter that the Federal aviation administration evacuated people from the tower about an hour before the storm.

Meteorologists reported that strong winds caused considerable damage to the city of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

In the city of Kannapolis tornado swept off interstate 85, reported minor property damage.

Warning about a winter storm in effect for the region from Missouri to New England. According to forecasters, although on the coast of Maine is expected only a few inches of rain in new Hampshire can drop up to 16 inches (40 cm) of precipitation.

February 5 snow storm brought heavy snowstorms to the city of El Paso, Texas. Weather forecasters predict frosts and strong winds for the next few days. Because school will likely remain closed.

In the East, due to heavy snowfall, several trucks and tractors and passenger vehicles have collided on the bridge over the Missouri river near Rosport. Patrol Sergeant Scott white told the Associated Press that at least one person was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

The Department of transportation Missouri warned on Twitter that the visibility of the situation on the roads due to bad weather deteriorates. State residents asked to stay home and not travel until the winter storm.






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