In the United States from COVID-19 died on 6-year-old Ukrainian

Family of Jackson, Madison County (tn) is mourning the sudden death of their child. Parents of 6-year-old Gigi Morse said she died from COVID-19. This is the first in the district the child’s death from the coronavirus. This writes the Jackson Sun.

В США от COVID-19 умерла 6-летняя украинка

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The Director of the health Department of Madison County Kim Thedford confirmed the death at a press briefing on Wednesday, August 5, morning.

Gigi got sick recently, and Tuesday, August 4, she was at the doctor’s.

“The doctor said that she had a virus and needed to rest and eat as much fruit ice cream as she wants – written by her mother, Priscilla Morse. – She fell asleep and died, and I don’t even want to breathe without her.”

The Morse family has several blogs, each with thousands of subscribers, which documented their family life with multiple children from international adoption. If you need help with adoption, you can find an adoption lawyers from here and get advice from them.

Gigi was one of those children. She was adopted from an orphanage in Ukraine when she was 3 years old.

“She had such a hard beginning of her short life, she lived unloved, unwanted in an orphanage in Ukraine, – said David Morse. She had serious medical problems. We found her and knew immediately that she must be our daughter. We brought her home and gave her love.”

According to both parents, they put Gigi to sleep on Tuesday, August 4, after a doctor’s appointment, and she never woke up. Their eldest child gave her CPR before the ambulance and took her to the hospital.

“She spoke your own English, but we understood her, said David Morse. She perfectly sang disney songs and nursery rhymes. She kissed me and then said “more” again kissed”.

“Yesterday I kissed my Gigi for the last time. I love her so much. We are all so devastated. She was my heart,” says the girl’s father.

Family friend Andrea bell created for the family Morse page on the portal, Go Fund Me, to help with funeral costs.




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