In the United States from the coronavirus died first teenager: how often COVID-19 kills minor

On March 24 representatives of health County of Los Angeles reported that young people under the age of 18 years, became the first juvenile in the US who died from COVID-19, writes USA Today.

В США от коронавируса умер первый подросток: как часто COVID-19 убивает несовершеннолетних

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The young man’s death was one of three, which the Department announced March 24. Health officials said the unnamed juvenile was from Lancaster, California, but did not provide other details, for example, did he have any comorbidities.

According to ABC News, the mayor of Lancaster R. Rex Parris has provided more data about the dead teenager: 17-year-old boy was hospitalized with a respiratory infection and died of septic shock, response to infection, which can cause dangerously low blood pressure and organ failure.

Parris said the boy’s father also was diagnosed with a coronavirus, and it is closely in contact with people.

The mayor said that the boy may have been a long-term health problems in the past, but the last time he was healthy. He said he has no doubts that the teenager died from complications COVID-19.

“We are the first city in the country, which lost a child and it is unbearable for me,” said the mayor.

“Unfortunately, one of the victims was a man under the age of 18 years, it is a terrible reminder that COVID-19 affects people of all ages,” said Director of public health Barbara Ferrer at a press conference.

In the last 48 hours in Los Angeles were registered 256 new cases COVID-19 district — 662 case. Up to the present time in the district died 11 people.

According to Ferrer, people aged 18 to 40 years old account for 42% of the positive cases the results of the testing for coronavirus.

A large percentage of young people who test positive for the virus looks more serious than last week’s report of the Centers for control and disease prevention, which stated that 1 of 5 cases in the US occur among people aged 20 to 44 years.

These data still show that older Americans face higher risk of hospitalization, admission to intensive care or even death.

Only 9 of the 44 known deaths in the report were among people aged 20 to 64 years, and nobody at that time did not report mortality rates of people aged 19 and under.

“The virus affects all the population, and it has to respond to the entire population,” said Dr. Wayne Tsuang, physician at pulmonary and intensive care at the Cleveland clinic.

The dataset used by the CDC, is limited and does not account for underlying medical conditions. A much larger number of young people can be COVID-19 with mild symptoms, not requiring hospitalization, therefore, these cases do not keep track of health officials.

According to the website Worldometers, as of March 25, the risk of death from COVID-19 estimated age:

  • 80+ years — 14,8%
  • 70-79 years — 8,0%
  • 60-69 years of 3.6%
  • 50-59 years is 1.3%
  • 40-49 years — 0,4%
  • 30-39 years — 0,2%
  • 20-29 years — 0,2%
  • 10-19 years — 0,2%
  • 0-9 years — no of cases

Mortality rate = (number of deaths / number of cases) = the probability of death when infected with virus (%). This probability differs depending on the age group. The above percentages do not necessarily add up to 100% because they do NOT represent the proportion of deaths by age group. Rather, it is the risk of death in case of infection COVID-19 for a person of a certain age group.




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