In the United States from the coronavirus has killed more than 100 thousand people, but out of quarantine continues

27 may USA has overcome a mark in 100 thousand deaths from coronavirus infection, while the States continued to emerge from quarantine, writes NY Daily News.

В США от коронавируса умерли более 100 тысяч человек, но выход из карантина продолжается

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According to the Center for the study of coronavirus in the Johns Hopkins University, these catastrophic losses are much higher than in any other country in the world, and greatly exceed the number of Americans who died in every conflict since the Korean war.

The deadly virus originated in Wuhan, China, the first official case was diagnosed on 1 December. In January when the disease began to spread around the world, the US President Donald trump argued that the country is “fully under control”. On February 26, he said about 15 cases in the United States.

“There are 15 people, and within a few days, this number is close to zero,” said trump.

But COVID-19 broke out in a nursing home in Washington state, and then became the epicenter of new York, where in five districts killed 21 362.

Mortality in 100 000 people in early March suggested Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases, but in the White house with him did not agree.

The country continued the rapid spread of the deadly disease, while States were closed and the Governor urged people to stay home.

Other hard-hit regions of the world, including China and Italy, have imposed severe restrictions, which, according to health officials, helped to stop the infection.

Now all 50 States at least partially open, Connecticut was the last, where he made a number of restrictions. In some States, including Georgia, Texas and Florida, the rates of closure were significantly lower, longer expected closure of minor companies and soon opened their doors.

In late may, the trump called a large number of cases in the United States, recently exceeded 1.5 million people, “badge of honor”.

“I don’t feel bad that we have a lot of cases, he said. — I think in a sense it’s good because it means that our testing is much better. If we tested a million people instead of 14 million, it would be much less, right?”

States and municipalities will now have to balance the health and safety of its citizens as economic recovery, which this year suffered a devastating loss. Schools remain closed, but industries such as tourism, retail trade and restaurants began to restart, despite concerns about a second wave of coronavirus, which can come in the fall.

Another 2.1 million people applied for unemployment benefits in the penultimate week of may. In the end, since mid-March, the total number of new applicants has reached 40 million, or about 26% of the workforce, according to the New York Post.




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