In the United States has issued a cyber attack against the Russian elite, if hackers interfere in the presidential election of 2020

U.S. cyber command prepared an operation against the Russian political and economic elite in case of intervention of hackers in the presidential election of 2020, according to The Washington Post, citing sources among American officials, says RBC.

В США подготовили кибератаку против российской элиты, если хакеры вмешаются в президентские выборы 2020 года

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The sources at this point that President Vladimir Putin’s operation is not affected because such a step “would be too provocative.”

Speech can go about accessing and using confidential information about the leaders of Russia. Another option is to search for differences between the representatives of the Russian elite. It is assumed that the cyber command will help the CIA and the State Department.

Preparation of operation related to the fact that last month intelligence gave a secret report which says that Russia, with the help of hackers will try to sow dissension among the Americans and intentionally exacerbate existing contradictions in society.

The determination to confront the external threats previously said and head of U.S. cyber command General Paul Nakasone. “Protecting our country, protecting our elections is what we do every day,” he said.

According to The Washington Post, some measures the U.S. cyber command has already taken. In particular, we are talking about the attack the so-called trolls, in which social networks operated on behalf of American citizens. In Washington believe that this is happening on the instructions of the Russian Agency for Internet research.

Earlier, the U.S. Congress drafted a bill DASKA. It involves strict restrictions against Russia in case if the intelligence and the state Department, jointly confirm that she intervened in the internal politics of the United States.