In the United States invented a spray for the toilet that saves water

В США изобрели спрей для унитаза, который экономит воду

American researchers have created a dirt-repellent liquid coating for toilets, which will save a huge amount of water around the world.

According to the inventors from the University of Pennsylvania, is an innovative means 90 percent reduces the amount of water required for flushing the excreta.

Also coating prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the toilet and neutralizes odors.

The spray that makes the surface of the toilet sverhskorostey, you must re-apply after about 50 washings.

Other advantages of izobreteny

According to scientists, fresh water used daily for flushing toilets in the world, six times higher than the total water consumption in Africa.

Every day, the flushing of toilets on the planet consumed more than 141 billion gallons of water.

Says So-Hsing Wong, associate Professor, Department of mechanical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania to significantly reduce this figure, his team has developed eco-friendly, stain-resistant, antibacterial coating, which will make the toilet almost self-cleaning. And in addition, will allow earthlings to significantly reduce the fee for water consumption.

The researchers published their findings in the journal Nature Sustainability.