In the United States is moving a few storms: heavy rains and snowfalls

The storm swept southern California late Monday night, March 23. According to forecasts a few days will be dry but cool, and after showers back to the region. This writes the Daily News.

На США движется несколько штормов: ожидаются сильные дожди и снегопады

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In coastal orange County have fallen by about three quarters of an inch of precipitation (about 2 cm) to one inch (2.54 cm) fell in the island Impayer and some parts of the County of Los Angeles.

Adam Roser, a meteorologist from the National weather service called the storm “a kind of favorable rain phenomenon”, which brought the necessary moisture.

“It’s definitely a light storm, said Roser. — It’s good, because there was a lot of rain and floods”.

It is expected that the next storm to approach the state late Wednesday evening, March 25, and will last until Thursday, which will lead to cold weather and rain.

“We still expect the continuation of the storm,” said Kristen Stewart, another meteorologist at the National weather service.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, on Thursday, March 26, at elevations may fall about 2 inches of rain (5.08 cm). It is expected that after a relatively dry January and February, the rainfall in March is about average for this time of year.

For some residents of southern California who stayed home to avoid the coronavirus, the storm eased the situation.

If all was well, David Alpern would be on the street, watching his son, varsity baseball player at long beach. But the weather still would have canceled those games.

“The rain has eased the situation,” said Alpern.

Neighbors Alperna also not complaining about the rain.

“We are fortunate that we are here in southern California where the weather is comfortable,” said neighbors.

Bernie Berndt from riverside agreed — he too would be at home.

“This morning was quite heavy rain, he said. — And so I need to be home.”

The rain would not hurt Dolly Rami from TORRANCE to go outside — but that coronavirus did.

As a volunteer, Zazzy Cats Kitty Rescue in long beach, Ramy focused on raising a little kitten, and cleaning the house, cooking the food and chatting with friends via phone and social networks.

“Rain doesn’t keep me at home,’ said Rami. — If not for the coronavirus, I’d be on the street.”

It is expected that an early spring snowstorm will shift off the coast of southern New England, and about 6 million people will be within range of the storm. This writes CNN.

The Adirondack, Berkshire, United Catskills, Green and White mountains expects heavy snow, in some places more than 6 inches (15 cm). According to meteorologist Monica Garrett, in lowland areas may be more than 2.5 inches (6.35 cm), and in the lowlands from new Jersey to Connecticut can be observed up to an inch of snow (2.54 cm).

Srednefontanskiy States may not be affected by the snow, but here heavy rains. According to Garrett, in the coastal cities, including new York (NY) and Boston (mA) will be mainly rain with possible snow.

There are two different ways of storm and two potential results.

The European model forecasts that the storm will be stronger and will move closer to the North-East coastline. This will lead to increased snowfall in the interior northeast, increased rainfall in large coastal cities and strengthening winds. In the Central parts of the northeast are possible from 6 to 12 inches (15-30 cm) of spring snow. Coastal areas are expecting 1 to 3 inches (2,54-7,62 cm) of rain that can cause flooding.

Further from the coast, the weaker the storm, it will reduce the amount of snow, rain and weaker winds in the northeast. The only areas with snow — hills Green, White and Adirondack mountains.

Despite the fact that this is a fast moving storm that came down on US on Tuesday, March 24, for most territories, there is a possibility of snow on Wednesday, March 25.