In the United States killed a Chinese scientist, who ‘was on the verge of a serious discovery’ on coronavirus

37-year-old researcher at the University of Pittsburgh was killed by a man who then killed himself, according to NBC.

В США убили китайского ученого, который 'находился на пороге серьезного открытия' о коронавирусе

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Chinese scientist Dr. Bin Liu was found shot dead in his house in the town of Ross township, near Pittsburgh. Bullets hit the head, neck and limbs, from wounds researcher at the University of Pittsburgh died on the spot. Bin Liu was married, but at the time of the tragedy the wife of the doctor was absent from the house.

The police did not have long to look for the shooter. The body of 46-year-old Hao GU was found in his car less than a mile from the scene of the murder. According to investigators, the man committed suicide with a firearm.

Brian Kohlhepp, Sergeant of police of the city of Ross township, told reporters that the men were familiar, but in what respects they were not reported.

This murder seemed suspicious to the public after the publication of the comment of the representative of the University of Pittsburgh which States that Dr. Bean has conducted important research and “was on the verge of a very serious discoveries about the understanding of the cellular mechanism of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2”.

However, police later called the incident a murder the result of a long conflict of an intimate nature. Evidence that the death of Bin Liu could be connected with his job they have.

It is known that a native of China, as many of his talented compatriots, had been educated abroad. He graduated from the national University of Singapore and later worked in scientific institutions of the United States.

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