In the United States looking for a taster of cannabis for $36 thousand per year

В США ищут дегустатора конопли за $36 тысяч в год

Manufacturer medical Marijuana cannabis American, based in new York, is looking for the person who wrote the blog objective reviews on products. Vacancy the company has posted on its website.

The ideal candidate needs not only to consume the product, but also to share with readers a useful knowledge, reports theБабель.

Each month the worker will send a container with different types and varieties of hemp.

Product asked to describe as much detail as possible — beginning with extraction and ending with finish. And for the reliability of the whole process of tasting will be asked to record on camera.

American Marijuana will publish employee surveys in the company blog.

Candidates must have an extensive knowledge about marijuana to educate the readers of the company. They must also be physically fit and healthy overall, to cope with the related.

The taster promise a monthly salary of $3 thousand Work remote, but is only suitable for residents of those States where medical marijuana is legalized.