In the United States officially started the presidential elections: why do they start with Iowa

Monday, February 3, Iowa will start the first Caucus — elections candidates for the U.S. presidency from the Democratic party. Officially, it is believed that these meetings are the start of the presidential race in 2020. Edition BBC understood, one of the Democrats vying for the presidency, and that they promise to the voters.

В США официально стартовали президентские выборы: почему они начинаются с Айовы

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The official start of the presidential race, the Democrats went out, losing more than half of the applicants. If last fall of his intentions to take part in the fight for the presidency, said the 25 representatives of the Democratic party, the opening Caucus in Iowa, there were only 11.

Who still claims the presidency?

1. Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator from Vermont, 78.

From 1991 to 2007, has represented his state in Congress, in 2007 he was elected to the Senate as an independent candidate, not part of any one of the parties. During voting usually supports Democrats. In the early 60-ies he joined the youth branch of the Socialist party of America. In 1988, during the honeymoon, visited the Soviet Union.

In 2016 for the first time took part in the presidential race, ceding the nomination of Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

What promises to voters: in 2020, Bernie Sanders reiterated his supporters program, already tested four years ago. The Senator proposes to abolish fees for higher education, to introduce a mandatory free health insurance for everyone and to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. At the same time he promises to sharply increase taxes for the rich. According to the plans of Senator, Americans owning property in excess of $1 billion, will be required to pay 77% in taxes.

By the end of last year raised $34,6 million in donations.

2. Joe Biden, former Vice President of the United States, 77 years of age.

In 1972, at the age of almost 30 years was elected U.S. Senator from the state of Delaware. Headed the judicial Committee of the Senate, and then three became the head of the international Affairs Committee of the upper house of Congress.

In 2008 announced plans to take part in the struggle for the presidential nomination of the Democratic party, but withdrew his candidacy. Later, Biden accepted the offer of Barack Obama becoming the candidate for the post of Vice-President of the United States.

In 2019 has become one of the Central figures in the impeachment process of the President of the United States Donald trump, accusing the Joe Biden and his son hunter of corruption and abuse of office. All these accusations, the former Vice President denies.

What promises to voters: during meetings with his supporters, Joe Biden has consistently reaffirmed that he is almost eight years was a close adviser to Barack Obama, and promises to revive the policy, which was held the 44th President of the United States. “I know how to get the government to work,” he says constantly.

At the end of last year Biden gave to understand that can offer the position of Vice President member of the Republican party. In addition, he has repeatedly stated that it is the best specialist in U.S. foreign policy. “I’m the most qualified person in the country to become President, he says. — I know more about American foreign policy than anyone else, including even the (Henry) Kissinger”.

By the end of last year raised $23.3 million in donations.

3. Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, 70 years.

A former law Professor at several universities in the USA, Warren specialized in bankruptcy law and has received wide acclaim in the U.S. after the financial crisis of 2008, acted as one of initiators of creation of the state Bureau for the protection of financial consumers ‘ rights (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and taking up a post as special adviser of President Obama.

In 2012 he won election to the Senate, becoming the first woman representing in the upper house of the Congress of Massachusetts.

During the election campaign repeatedly said “family history” that among her ancestors was a Cherokee Indian. Last year, Warren has officially recognized that these stories were fiction, and even apologized to the participants of the American presidential forum on indigenous issues.

What promises to voters: Senator Warren intends to deal with property inequality, introducing new taxes for “super rich”. According to the programme, in case of victory on elections of the Senator, owners of fortune in excess of $50 million will be required annually to pay 2% of total assets, and the billionaires — 3%. Obtained budgetary funds, according to Warren, must go to pay for various benefits for the poor, including free or cheap nurseries, affordable health care.

By the end of last year raised $21.7 million in donations.

4. Pete Buttidzhich, former mayor of the city of South bend, Indiana, for 38 years.

A graduate of Harvard and Oxford universities, Lieutenant of the intelligence service of the U.S. Navy. In 2014, over seven months was part of the American military contingent in Afghanistan, was awarded the medal. In varying degrees and is fluent in six languages, including Arabic, Persian and French. In 2015 the publication in the newspaper of the South Band Tribune publicly announced his sexual orientation. In 2017, married with a school teacher Cattenom Getmanom.

What promises to voters: former mayor proposes to change the electoral system in the United States, abandoning the electoral College and going to direct the will. He also intends to make all public colleges free for students whose families earn less than $100,000 per year, and establish a universal system of free health insurance.

By the end of last year raised $25.2 million in donations.

5. Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of new York, 77.

The billionaire founder of the financial company and Bloomberg, takes the 9th place in the list of the richest people in the United States, and 14th place in world ranking with a fortune of $61.5 billion Over the past 20 years, he three times changed his party affiliation, becoming in the early 2000 years first as a Republican, then independent, and finally, at the end of 2018, announcing the support of the Democrats.

Repeatedly hinted about its intention to participate in presidential elections, but have officially registered to participate in the race only in November 2019. The slogan of the campaign of ex-mayor “Creator of jobs. Leader, able to solve problems”.

Spends on their own campaign funds, spending in the last quarter of 2019, almost a quarter of a billion.

What promises to voters: Bloomberg supports all initiatives of the Democrats to toughen the rules of gun ownership in the United States. He is a regular sponsor of public organizations advocating state control in this sphere, and calls to introduce a system of most rigid inspection of all firearms owners.

By the end of 2019 has invested $200 million of its own funds in the campaign.

6. Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Senator from Minnesota, age 59.

In 1998 Klobuchar, previously private legal practice, was first elected to public office, taking the post of the Prosecutor of Hennepin County in Minnesota. In 2006, she won election to the Senate, becoming the first woman representing the state in the upper house of Congress.

What promises to voters: Klobuchar proposes to adopt several new laws aimed at protecting women from violence, improving the environment and health. According to one of the proposals of Senator in the US should be completely banned children’s toys, which in any form contains lead. Supports the policy, which was held by Barack Obama, and during meetings with voters, promises to continue.

By the end of last year has collected $11.4 million in donations.

7. Andrew Yang, a businessman, 45 years.

The entrepreneur was born in a family of immigrants from Taiwan and received his law degree. After that, Ian was the founder of several Sharapov in education. In 2011 he created the company VFA (Ventures for America), which was engaged in search of talented graduates of colleges and universities, and their two-year internship program in various start-up projects in U.S. cities with high unemployment. According to estimates by the American media, the personal status of Jan could be $4 million.

What promises to voters: his main initiative of the applicant called “the Dividends of Freedom”, arguing that every American should receive from the state the sum of $1 000 as compensation for the loss of American jobs as a result of development of the automated work. In addition, John encouraged voters to abandon party differences, proclaiming one of the main slogans of his campaign: “Neither left nor right. Forward” (Not Left, Not Right, Forward).

By the end of last year raised $16.5 million in donations.

8. Tom Stayer, a businessman, 62 years old.

The head of the hedge Fund Farallon Capital, co-owner of several banks, billionaire, Tom Stayer, whose fortune is estimated at $1.6 billion, together with his wife publicly signed a pledge during the life to spend at least half of their funds to charity. Known pronounced modesty, drives an old Honda and not have any luxuries.

In 2008, becoming one of the most active sponsors of election campaign of Barack Obama, was among the candidates for the post of Secretary of the Treasury. During the campaign of 2016 organized a collection of funds in favor of Hillary Clinton, raising over $87 million

In October 2017, has launched a political campaign, agitating for the impeachment of Donald trump, paying for commercials on TV and on social networks. In July 2019 registered as a candidate, promising to spend for the election campaign of $100 million from its own funds.

What promises to voters: the main theme of the campaign Stayer continues to be a struggle for the impeachment of President trump. The billionaire claims that its initiative “Need to impeach” (Need to Impeach) today support more than 8 million Americans advocating for the constitutional removal of Donald trump from the government.

“I believe that the fight against a President who breaks the law and conducts a destructive policy, will force citizens to come to polling stations,” — said the Stayer.

By the end of last year invested $157 million of their own funds in the campaign.

9. Ms. Gabbard, Tulsi, a member of Congress for 38 years.

In 2002, a former employee of the public charity organization and a martial arts instructor Ms. Gabbard won his first victory in Congressional elections state of Hawaii.

A year later she joined the National guard of the United States. In 2004 during the year was in Iraq as part of a medical unit. Later graduated from the officer school in the military Academy of Alabama. Served in Kuwait, has the rank of major.

In 2012 he won election to the U.S. Congress, becoming the first descendant of immigrants from India in the House of representatives. Supported the progressive wing in the Democratic party, in favor of the full legalization of marijuana and against the participation of American troops in military conflicts outside the United States. Previously, Ms. Gabbard spoke publicly against allowing same-sex marriages, but later apologized for these statements.

Last year, Hillary Clinton called Ms. Gabbard “Russian agent,” saying that the Kremlin had launched an information campaign in her favor. In response, the Congresswoman called the ex-Secretary of state, “the instigator of wars” and sued her in court, demanding an apology and $50 million in compensation for moral damage.

What promises to voters: if elected, Ms. Gabbard promises that during its presidency of the United States abandon the practice of political and military interference in the Affairs of other countries and stop the policy aimed at regime change. Like other candidates, she publicly supported the introduction in the United States free health insurance for all citizens, the cost of which will be paid by the state.

By the end of last year, raised $3.5 million in donations.

10. Michael Bennet, a U.S. Senator from Colorado, 55.

Graduate of the law Department of Yale University, has served as an Advisor to the US attorney General in bill Clinton’s administration, then headed the Department of the public schools in Denver, Colorado.

In 2008, he became one of the candidates for the post of Minister of education in the Obama administration, but the appointment never took place. In 2009, the Governor of Colorado invited Bennett to take the seat of U.S. Senator from that state after its predecessor agreed to the post of Minister of internal Affairs.

What promises to voters: Senator Bennet is a consistent advocate of tougher laws on the control of arms sales. Along with Senator Tim Cain advocates the adoption of a new law on medical insurance based on the reform carried out by the Obama administration. The new system should allow all US residents to choose their own health insurance on a special exchange and to enjoy the same privileges, including government subsidies that are enjoyed by the poor Americans.

By the end of last year raised $1.2 million in donations.

11. Deval Patrick, former Governor of Massachusetts, businessman, 63 years old.

According to us media reports, to take part in the presidential race in 2020 Patrick made his longtime friend, former President Barack Obama. About his participation in the campaign by an aspirant, however, said in mid-November last year.

Comes from a poor African-American neighborhoods in South Chicago, Patrick received a scholarship of the law faculty at Harvard University and after graduation was engaged in private law practice. In 1994 he was appointed assistant attorney General of the United States, as head of the Department for supervision over the observance of civil rights.

From 2007 to 2015 was Governor of Massachusetts, continuing the reform of the health system of the state begun by his predecessor, MITT Romney, increased funding of educational programs and increasing the minimum wage from $8 to $11 per hour.

In 2015, he became the Executive Director of the investment company Bain Capital, at the same time leading the Board of Directors of the television company, promoting a healthy lifestyle, Well American.

What promises to voters: during meetings with voters Deval Patrick reminds us of his friendship with Barack Obama, promising to continue the policies of the 44th President. He promises to increase funding of the public health system, which is now available only to elderly and poor Americans, and to expand educational programs. In addition, Patrick offers to revise the system of zoning of electoral districts, which today, in his opinion, serves the interests of political parties rather than voters.

By the end of last year collected $2.3 million in donations.

Why Iowa?

He was the first. It’s a small staff, not too representatively, 90% of the population are white, 5% were pensioners, reports “Voice of America”.

In the States when people vote, they do not predict who will become President, but still only 1 candidate who lost in Iowa and in new Hampshire, but he was able to become President, it was bill Clinton.

It’s important to note, because the state first, the one who wins gets all the attention not only of media, but most importantly — voters. Now almost half of Democrats are undecided on their candidate. So whoever wins in Iowa, can draw attention to themselves.

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