In the United States sharply increased food prices, breaking the record of growth in 46 years

In April, prices for foodstuffs rose by 2.6%, amounting to “the biggest monthly increase since February 1974,” writes Fox News.

В США резко повысились цены на продукты, побив рекорд роста за 46 лет

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The Bureau of labor statistics of the U.S. confirmed that food prices across the country rose 2.6% in April, the largest monthly growth since February 1974.

In the consolidated consumer price index, the Bureau published may 12, says that the price increase was “broad” in all six major groups of food commodities in the index “domestic supply”, while in each group the price jumped “by at least 1.5%” from the end of March.

In particular, the price index for fruits and vegetables increased by 1.5%, as prices for dairy products and “related products”. Non-alcoholic beverages rose 2.9%, as well as cereals and bakery products, the latter figure is “the largest monthly increase for all time.” But it was the meat group — meat, poultry, fish and eggs showed the biggest jump in prices in April, having increased in price by 4.3%. The index for eggs increased by 16.1%, according to a summary of the Bureau.

Overall, the index “home cooking” (that is, products that are purchased mainly in grocery stores) has increased over the last 12 months is 4.1%.

In contrast to the rising food index (and certain sectors in the energy index), the total average cost of all consumer goods and services declined in April by 0.8% compared with March, mainly due to a sharp decline (20.6%) index of gasoline also dropped the price of the clothes, insurance, vehicles, plane tickets and accommodation in a hotel / Motel.

The Bureau of labor statistics, however, noted that the ongoing crisis due to coronavirus are several complicated methods of obtaining the information because “the data collection through personal visit” was suspended since March 16. Instead, the information was gathered online or over the phone.

Summary of the consumer price index was published on Tuesday, may 12, after analysts and insiders meat industry predicted growth in meat prices in the supermarket, and some talked about the continued growth in may. In April, the Department of agriculture also reported that egg prices on average have tripled since the beginning of March due to the shortage and demand.



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