In the United States will arrange trial flights of the Boeing 737 MAX is unhappy with the participation of top managers (PHOTO)

American airlines Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and American Airlines plan to launch into the sky Boeing 737 MAX before they are officially allowed to fly, regardless of the manufacturer, as well as from the Federal aviation administration (FAA) of the United States. This is with reference to sources reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper notes that the trial flights will hold in order to demonstrate the safety of the upgraded Boeing 737 MAX. Regular passengers on these flights will not allow, but the Board will be attending airline executives, journalists and potential customers of the aircraft. Thus, the participants of flight will be able “to publicly confirm that all systems are working properly,” including the flight control system MCAS, because of failures in which the accident happened.

Before the aircraft again allowed flights with passengers, since the end of the test may take more than a month. In addition to this, the aircraft needs to descend about 100 hours, and the pilots may require further training. Airlines plan to use this time to “teach people to see the 737 MAX in the sky” that should convince them of the security model.

United Airlines and American Airlines have suspended flights of Boeing 737 MAX until January 2020, and Southwest Airlines has no plans to use them until February. According to executives, these terms can shift depending on authorization, on flights of this model.

Last week the head of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg testified in Congress about the two disasters involving Boeing 737 MAX in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Senators considered his words half-truths, noting that the company knew about the problems with the control system of MCAS, but not warned the pilots and have not taken action to resolve the problem.

Muilenburg acknowledged that Boeing made mistakes, and apologized to the families of the victims of the disaster who were at the hearing. The company also promised that after returning to the operation of Boeing 737 MAX will be one “of the safest aircraft ever flown”.

At the same time, The Wall Street Journal cites a letter of the President of the American Association of professional flight attendants (APFA) Lori Bassani, dated October 30, and addressed to Mulenburg, which States that, “obviously, there were serious deficiencies in the control of the 737 MAX”. Bassani expressed doubts about whether the Federal office of civil aviation USA the necessary resources for further observation.

Bassani noted that 28 thousand flight attendants American Airlines “refuse to go into a plane that might be unsafe”, adding that the Union will review information American air carriers, pilots, regulators and Boeing to determine when to return to the use of the 737 MAX.

The President of the Association of flight attendants-CWA Sarah Nelson also said that hearings on the Boeing 737 MAX has caused new issues. “We won’t work with the 737 MAX as long as regulators around the world, our colleagues in the cabin crew, engineers and other airlines will not give us complete assurance that Boeing 737 MAX safe”, – quotes its words of WSJ.

We will remind, on March 10 in Ethiopia, the plane crashed Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Ethiopian Airlines the airline, with the result that killed 157 people. 29 Oct 2018 plane similar to the model of the company Lion Air crashed in Indonesia under similar circumstances, killing 189 people.

The head of Boeing admitted that on Board the two aircraft 737 MAX was a glitch in the system MCAS before they crashed. According to preliminary data, erroneous operation of the automatic control system MCAS caused by incorrect data from a broken sensor angle of attack. In this work the MCAS system was not described in the operating manual of the aircraft.

Many countries, including Russia, USA and EU countries, security reasons, had suspended the operation of the aircraft in this series. More than 400 pilots filed a lawsuit against the Boeing Corporation, accusing it of “unprecedented concealment of known defects in the design of the MAX expected was the cause of the crash of two ships MAX, and the subsequent suspension of their operation in the world.” The pilots of Southwest Airlines demanded Boeing compensation for lost wages due to the ban on the operation of the Boeing 737 MAX.