In the US capital has been struck by lightning in guarding the White house national guardsmen

Two national guardsmen were hospitalized after a lightning strike near the White house, Fox News reports.

В столице США молния ударила в охранявших Белый дом нацгвардейцев

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On Thursday evening, June 4, when Washington, D.C., continued demonstration protesting against police officers, two servicemen of the National guard who were on duty near Lafayette square opposite the White house, was hospitalized after a lightning strike.

The soldiers got directly struck by lightning, but “felt the impact of the nearest lightning strike” about midnight, said Vito Maggiolo, the representative of the district Department of fire and emergency medical assistance.

According to representatives of the fire Department of the capital, their injuries are serious, but pose no threat to life.

In the first week of June, the national guard was deployed in the capital to protect the protesters and the sights of the city, because the agitators were sometimes overtaken by peaceful demonstrations, turning them into riots, especially in front of the White house.

The storm that struck the capital, not suppressed sentiments of those who protested against the death of George Floyd, but nevertheless brought lightning strikes and a warning about sudden flooding.

Mayor Muriel Bowser said at a press conference that he wants all the troops left the capital.

The presence of the National guard became the subject of controversy in the town after reports emerged that the guards may have been among those who used tear gas against peaceful demonstrators. This was done in order that the President trump could reach the historic Church set on fire during riots, and to make photos.

Both the police and the Park service, the secret service denied the use of tear gas against the protesters, but acknowledged that the tanks used smoke and pepper balls to push back the crowd.

The names of the hospitalized soldiers were not made public.


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