In the US, gay police officer has seized nearly 20 million dollars for discrimination (PHOTO)

В США гей-полицейский отсудил почти 20 млн долларов за дискриминацию (ФОТО)

The guard of the us state of Missouri has sued the police for almost $ 20 million as compensation for discrimination at work. Strongman has faced violations of their rights because it is homosexual, BBC reports.

Keith Wildhaber from the city of St. Louis filed a lawsuit against the local police in 2017. The man claimed that he was 23 times denied promotion allegedly because of his sexual orientation, despite the good performance of his work. In the claim it is noted that in 2014, John Saraceno, who at that time was part of the District Council of police commissioners, St. Louis, advised the Wildhaber “to slow down with his blue” if he wants to get a promotion. Thus he Saracino denies giving the Wildhaber such advice.

He said that the behaviour of a colleague, he was stunned. According to Wildhaber, its like a “hit in the stomach”.

A police Sergeant also claims that after he complained to the words of Saracino, changed his work schedule and sent on duty in the night shift in an area that was far from his home.

In addition, the witness, who at trial in the case of Wildhaber, stated that he heard a police captain guy Minz said Wildhaber will never get a promotion because he “was over the top with his blue”. He Means, in turn, also denied that he made such statements, reports “Interfax”.

In the end, the jury came to the conclusion that Wildhaber was the victim of discrimination on the basis of orientation, but also suffered from retaliation by his superiors after he complained of Saracino. The actual harm from discrimination caused Wildhaber, estimated at $ 1.9 million. Added $ 10 million as a penalty. Still 999 thousand dollars is the estimated damage from attempts to take revenge on the Wildhaber for a complaint of a colleague. On that charge additional fines amounted to $ 7 million.

One of the members of the jury told the court in its decision makes clear: “If you put someone of discrimination, will pay the price”.

And the head of the district’s Saint Louis Sam Paige stated that the police Department should be a place where personnel decisions are made in accordance with the merits of the candidate. “It’s time for a leadership change, and change must start from the top” – he added.