In the US, recorded a new daily record of infection with coronavirus

According to the Johns Hopkins University, on Wednesday, July 1, in the US there were more than 50 of the 600 new cases of coronavirus during the day, the biggest one-day increase since the beginning of the outbreak, writes CNBC.

В США зафиксирован новый суточный рекорд заражений коронавирусом

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The number of cases increased by 5% or more, depending on the fluctuations in the averages for new cases compared to the last week of June in 40 States, including California, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Nevada.

1 July in AZ was registered a record increase in the number of new cases of disease and death: 4900 and 80, respectively. According to the state health Department, on Tuesday, 30 June, intensive care in Arizona has been downloaded by 89%.

The Governor of Arizona, Doug Dusi rolled back the open state, closing June 29, bars, gyms, cinemas and parks. The state reported an increase of the percentage of positive tests — from 4.9% in may to 20.1% in June.

“We can’t think that this virus will disappear in itself. We expect that next week our numbers will be worse. In order for the action to mitigate the consequences that we have implemented and introduced, came into force, it will take several weeks,” said Dusi.

July 1, the Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive order to close seats in the bars in the lower part of the state to maintain progress against COVID-19. According to Whitmer, the last time there was a flash COVID-19 associated with bars, including in East Lansing, with the result that has infected more than 100 people.

Due to the increasing number of cases in California Governor Gavin Newsom on 1 July ordered businesses serving clients in areas immediately closed — this affected businesses in 19 counties. The order applies to some of the largest districts in the state: Los Angeles, California, United Oring, San Bernardino and Santa Barbara.

Such businesses include restaurants, wine cellars and tasting rooms, cinemas, family entertainment centres, zoos, museums and meeting rooms, said Newsom at the press briefing. According to Newsom, the state will also increase compliance with recommended social distancing principles and requirements for wearing masks.

“It’s more about awareness. I’m not going to come out with the fists,” he said.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, California announced additional 6093 cases of coronavirus infection on the basis of the seven-day analysis of secondary data, which is approximately 28% more than a week ago.

California, which also reported a growing incidence in the month of June, was one of the States, added the new York Council of travel in the list of dangerous places. Those who come from heavily affected areas this list will have to isolate themselves in new York for 14 days.

The mayor of new York bill de Blasio announced July 1 that the city will not allow the restaurants to reopen a dining area, as scheduled on 6 July, due to growing outbreaks of coronavirus in other parts of the country.

“We see a lot of problems, and is especially noticeable that the problems revolve around people returning to bars and restaurants. The problem is compounded, science increasingly shows it,” said de Blasio.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who supported the decision, de Blasio later said during his press briefing on 1 July that new York can become a district with the “storm clouds on the horizon.”

He warned that the resumption of the large number of cases in other States could threaten the opening of new York as the state continues to report record low levels of mortality, hospital admissions and positive tests.

“We have to be careful. We have on the horizon dark clouds, and we have made tremendous progress, said Cuomo at the press briefing. We have been through hell and back, but the end is not yet, and the virus can still raise its ugly head anywhere in this country and in this state”.



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