In the US, the family took home 20 kg of cocaine found on the beach

В США семья забрала домой 20 кг кокаина, которые обнаружила на пляже

In the U.S. state of South Carolina, the family accidentally discovered on the banks of the 20 kilos of cocaine, strolling along the shore. Reported by the Associated Press.

In particular,during a walk along the coast members of the family accidentally discovered not far from the shore floating package, and decided to take him home. On opening the package at home, they found 20 kilograms of cocaine, after which he optilisi the police. This was stated by the Beaufort County Sheriff Bob Bromage.

The police said that the price of cocaine was $600 thousand In the Sheriff’s Department said that most likely, the drug package on the coast made hurricane “Dorian”, because in this area they are rare.