In the US, the Russians detained: he is accused of damage to the investors for $26 million

The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) has accused the Russian 36-year-old Denis Sotnikov fraud and money laundering. According to the regulator, the damage to investors was $26 million Russians live in the U.S. on a visa for businessmen, according to Kommersant.

В США задержали россиянина: его обвиняют в ущербе инвесторам на $26 млн

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Prosecutors in new Jersey announced that the Russians arrested and brought to justice. The Minister argues that Mr. Sotnikov is accused of laundering part of the funds in the case of fraud at $30 million, where the victims are at least 70 people. According to authorities, the man sold to the American investors bogus certificates of Deposit. On this charge he faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine of not less than $500 thousand.

The SEC claims that Mr Sotnikov through controlled companies deceived U.S. investors through online advertising and “fake websites similar to the official pages of legitimate financial institutions”. The Russians allegedly persuaded investors to buy bogus securities. It is assumed that part of the funds he could transfer his wife Natalia Mazitova living in Florida.

As reported by the SEC, the scheme continued in 2014. According to the regulator, mainly from the actions Sotnikova injured elderly. The Agency has estimated the damage at $26 million, a claim against the Russians filed in court in new Jersey, says RBC.



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